Internet Archive sued by publisher for copyright infringement, appeals, inevitable struggles, but says ``Now is the time to stand up for libraries''

The Internet Archive's electronic library service, which released digitally scanned books for free, was sued by major publishers such as Hachette for copyright infringement and lost in a lawsuit.The Internet Archive has announced that it will appeal the lawsuit. .

Internet Archive Files Appeal in Publishers' Lawsuit Against Libraries | Internet Archive Blogs

Internet Archive appeals loss in library ebook lawsuit - The Verge

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the Internet Archive has openedthe National Emergency Library, where 1.4 million books can be read for free so that people staying at home can access books. I was there.

However, because it included current books such as the ' Harry Potter ' series, Internet Archive was sued for copyright infringement by four major publishers in June 2020, and the first instance judgment was in March 2023. I had lost the case.

Internet Archive loses first instance copyright lawsuit against major publisher over e-book copyright - GIGAZINE

In March 2023, a court ruled that the scanning and lending of books by the Internet Archive was not protected by fair use law, and it was decided that the scanning and lending of books by the Internet Archive was not protected under the fair use law. A consent decision was issued requesting consultation on whether to make changes. In response, the Internet Archive and the plaintiffs filed a settlement proposal in August that would remove access to commercially available books with remaining copyrights, but the Internet Archive, dissatisfied with this, has indicated that it plans to appeal. I did.

The August settlement would effectively ban the Internet Archive from reproducing or distributing digital copies of books, as well as provide for 'Controlled Digital Lending,' which would allow general libraries to digitize and lend out their collections. There are also concerns that the legal theory of ``managed digital lending'' will be affected, and that there will be major restrictions on electronic libraries.

The Internet Archive is expected to lose the lawsuit and there will be major restrictions on lending from electronic libraries, and the Internet Archive plans to appeal - GIGAZINE

Chris Freeland, Director of Library Services at the Internet Archive, said in a post on the official blog on September 11th, ``Today we filed an appeal in Hachette v. Internet Archive.March As we stated in the decision in This is an unavoidable battle if you want to do so,' he said, announcing that he had filed an appeal.

In its appeal filed with the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York, the Internet Archive said it would review 'all orders, rulings, findings, and conclusions adverse to the Internet Archive,' including its March and August 2023 decisions. I'm asking for a hearing.

'Libraries are under unprecedented attack,' said Brewster Kael, founder of the Internet Archive. , threatened by book bans, budget cuts, excessive licensing, and damaging lawsuits like this one. We are a library in the digital age and our longstanding and broader library commitment. We hope the appellate judges will uphold this decision. Now is the time to stand up for libraries.'

The Internet Archive is being sued by Sony and others for copyright not only in books but also in music, and a pre-trial proceedings meeting is scheduled to be held in October 2023.

Sony and Universal Music sue Internet Archive for ``a project to digitize and release old records includes works that infringe on copyright'' - GIGAZINE

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