Microsoft announced the release date and price of "Office 2010" and also offers "Office IME 2010" free of charge alone

Microsoft will be the latest version of its office software "Office 2010'S release date and price today, officially announced.

Also, at the same time, free input of the input support software "Office IME 2010" alone is also being offered free of charge, reservation reception has started from today.

Details are as below.
Announcement of product composition, schedule and reference price of Microsoft (R) Office 2010 product group

According to this release, Microsoft has completed the development of "Microsoft Office 2010 Japanese version" and so on, Volume License version for enterprises will be available on Saturday, May 1, and package products will be provided on Thursday, June 17 It is said to start. In addition to the 32-bit version, the 64-bit version is provided for the first time as it is said that pre-installed PC will be launched according to package version offer.

"Microsoft Office 2010" greatly enhances the functions of individual applications, can reflect users' ideas in documents in a short period of time, supports browsers and smartphones in addition to personal computers, has their own personal computer at hand Even if it does not exist, you can proceed with work anywhere via the Internet.

The lineup of package products or preinstalled products targeting home, individual business owners, student users is as follows. As a change from Office 2007, a digital note "OneNote" that can systematically summarize, share, and manage information such as texts, images, videos, audio files, and so forth quickly can be searched for in "Office Professional 2010" I will.

Office Professional 2010: Edition for users who want to make full use of Office at home or at work (regular 58,800 yen for regular version, 37,800 yen for upgrade preferential version)

Office Home and Business 2010: New edition added from 2010 version, which is most suitable for users such as home, student, individual business owner (normal version is 30,800 yen, upgrade preferential version is 25,000 yen)

Office Personal 2010: There is also a two-year license for preinstallation in netbooks, edition with basic tools suitable for home use (normal version is 19,800 yen, upgrade preferential version is 15,800 yen, 2 years The conversion package from license to permanent license is 10,800 yen)

Office Professional Academic 2010: Edition for students and teachers (Academic version is 28381 yen)

Details of the package version can be checked by the following link.

Packaged products> Product composition, schedule and reference price of Microsoft (R) Office 2010 product group announced

In addition, explanation about volume license version "SharePoint 2010, Visio 2010, Project 2010" for business users is carried out by the following link.

SharePoint 2010, Visio 2010, Project 2010 | Microsoft (R) Office 2010 product group, product schedule and reference price announced

In addition, Microsoft Office IME which is standard equipment of Microsoft Office, which was shipped so far but was never provided individually so that earlier version of Microsoft Office users can utilize the latest technology, 2010 "free of charge on a standalone basis will be launched on Thursday, June 17.

The following links introduce new functions of "Office 2010", as well as shops that accept reservations.

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