"RICOH THETA V" which realized 360-degree movie of 4K resolution with one button and realized spatial audio recording also appeared

It is possible to take still pictures and movies in 360 ° omnidirection by one button and live streaming is also possible RICOH THETA is newRICOH THETA V"Will appear in late September. RICOH THETA V is particularly focused on the functions of movie shooting and live streaming, can shoot a 360 degree movie equivalent to 4K resolution, supports 4-channel microphone, supports spatial audio recording, and comfortable mass data It is said that it realizes high-speed transfer up to 2.5 times that it can browse to.


One of the major features of RICOH THETA V is that by adopting Qualcomm's "Snapdragon" as a new image sensor and main processor, it has realized low power consumption while greatly improving still image / movie image quality about. It also seems that the algorithm of white balance has been renewed and more accurate and natural depiction can be obtained even in auto shooting.

Also, although 1920 × 1080/30 fps / 16 Mbp was the largest movie shooting with RICOH THETA S, RICOH THETA V can shoot at 29.97 fps with 3840 × 1920 pixels equivalent to 4 K size. The file record corresponds to H.265 in addition to H.264. However, H.265 is a specification designed for future application support by API disclosure.

You can read about RICOH THETA S released in 2015 from the following article.

A high performance celestial spherical camera "RICOH THETA S" capable of capturing all directions at 360 ° and corresponding to nighttime / long exposure shooting and live streaming real machine review - GIGAZINE

The surface of RICOH THETA V contains the logo "RICOH" at the bottom of the main unit. The size is 45.2 mm × 130.6 mm × 22.9 mm, 121 g.

On the back side is a letter of a logo mark and "THETA".

Power button · Wi-Fi button · Mode selection button on the side.

On the top is a microphone to enable 4ch recording. I also have two more on the side. The speaker is on the side.

MIC terminal, tripod hole, Micro - USB terminal is attached to the bottom. MIC terminal isRICOH THETA SIt was newly installed, not in. It can be docked successfully with "3D microphone TA - 1" sold separately.

Each indicator is on the surface, and the power supply · Wi-Fi connection · camera mode etc. are displayed. The following images are during movie shooting.

When performing live streaming, the letters "Live" will appear.

In the case of the still image mode, it is as follows.

The Wi-Fi icon lights up in green when the newly installed "remote playback function" is running.

The specifications of RICOH THETA V are as follows.

Still image resolutionL: 5376 × 2688
Movie resolution / frame rate / bit rate4K, H 264: 3840 × 1920 / 29.97 fps / 56 Mbps
4K, H 265: 3840 × 1920 / 29.97 fps / 32 Mbps
2K, H 264: 1920 × 960 / 29.97 fps / 16 Mbps
2K, H 265: 1920 × 960 / 29.97 fps / 8 Mbps
Number of effective pixelsApproximately 12 million pixels (× 2), ※ output pixels Approximately 14 million pixels
Image sensor, size1 / 2.3 (× 2)
Lens construction, F value7 groups in 6 groups, F 2.0
recoding mediaBuilt-in memory approximately 19GB
Number of recordable sheets, timeAbout 4800 still images
Movie (one recording time): Up to 5 minutes / 25 minutes
Movie (total recording time): (4K, H 264) about 40 minutes, (2K, H 264) about 130 minutes
Power supplyLithium-ion battery (built-in)
Battery lifeStill picture: about 300, movie: about 80 minutes
External interfaceMicro-USB: USB 2.0, MIC terminal
Remote raceCorresponding to CA-3
Shooting distanceAbout 10 cm ~
Shooting modeStill images: auto, shutter priority, ISO priority, manual
Video: Auto
Live Streaming: Auto
Exposure control modeProgram AE, shutter priority AE, ISO priority AE, manual exposure
Exposure compensationStill image: Manual correction (-2.0 to + 2.0 EV 1/3 EV step)
ISO sensitivityStill image: (Auto) ISO 64 to 1600
(Shutter priority AE mode, manual exposure) ISO 64 to 3200
Video: ISO 64 to 6400
Live streaming: ISO 64 to 6400
White balance modeStill image: Auto, outdoor, shade, cloudy weather, incandescent lamp 1, incandescent light 2, daylight fluorescent light, day white fluorescent light, white fluorescent light, bulb color fluorescent light, color temperature (2500 K to 10000 K)
Video: Auto
Live Streaming: Auto
shutter speedStill image: (Auto) 1/25000 seconds to 1/8 seconds
(Shutter priority AE mode) 1/25000 sec - 1/8 sec
(Manual mode) 1/25000 to 60 seconds
Video: 1/25000 seconds to 1/30 seconds
Live streaming: 1/25000 seconds to 1/30 seconds

In addition, "3D microphone TA - 1" appears separately in the same period. This is a 3D microphone dedicated to RICOH THETA V, and it is possible to pick up sounds that are thick in the middle and low range with directional microphone with a large aperture of about 10 mm compared to the built-in microphone. He said that he is suitable for shooting music performances. Sound will also move according to the rotation of the 360 ​​degree movie properly.

When installing the included windscreen, it reduces wind noise of outdoors.

The bottom of TA-1 looks like this.


It connects the bottom of the main unit to the top of TA - 1. The USB cable extends from the bottom right.

Furthermore, "Underwater housing case TW - 1" is expected to appear in mid - October.

It has waterproof performance up to 30 meters in depth, and 360 shooting underwater becomes possible by storing the main body as follows. Since it has a tripod seat, it can be attached to various camera accessories.

Both RICOH THETA V main body, 3D microphone TA - 1, underwater housing case TW - 1 are open price, already RICOH THETA V main body has arrived at GIGAZINE editing department, so soon, It is scheduled to be published.

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