What if Tarantino make meatball · spaghetti? A dish parody movie called

Quentin Tarantino's movie "Kill · BuildingMovie that makes spaghetti · meatballs as a parody "What if Tarantino made Spaghetti & Meatballs?"Has been released. A parody movie such as "What if Michael Bay makes a waffle?", "If Alfonso · Cureon makes a pancake?" Is published also by the same author, and although it should be making cooking, It certainly feels the style of director, if it is a movie lover it has become a finish that makes you smile unintentionally.

What if Tarantino made Spaghetti & Meatballs? - YouTube

Meatballs and spaghetti placed in yellow and black settings.

The red light is illuminated and the shadow of the sword crosses over.

The quick meatball was robbed.

"A Quentin Tarantino Inspired Film"

By saying "SPAGHETTI & MEATBALLS", Kill Bill's theme song "BATTLE WITHOUT HONOR OR HUMANITY" flowed out.

First of all, let's slice the tomatoes, which means tomatoes are made into two in a row.

Take a pick ... ....

Blowing out blood, splashing fruit juice.

I knock on the meat ......

Let me shape the meatball firmly.

Pasta folded with slow motion.

Simmer boil.

When pasta is served ...

Juice and debris of tomato scatters around.

And finished.

"Part II"

Meat ball spaghetti looks tasty.

But as you zoom out the camera ......

The murderous spaghetti scene that wanted to cover your eyes had spread.

In the similar concept movie, "What if Michael Bay makes a waffle?"

What if Michael Bay made Waffles? - YouTube

The movie starts from the character of "WAFFLE" to transform.

Wapple shining glittering maker.

Besides wheat flour, two eggs and 2 cups of milk are used.

I will stir it vigorously using a motorized whisk.

Somehow bombarded powder.

Pour waffle seeds into the machine ......

Heating for 2 to 3 minutes.

A delicious waffle that maple syrup is dripping is completed.

Waffle tower standing with subtle balance ... ...

It is a work until it collapses.

In addition, if zero gravityAlfonso · CureonWhy did you make pancakes? Also the movie.

What if Alfonso Cuaron made pancakes? - YouTube

In the darkness, a pancake illuminated by a light of a line.

The material is egg or butter. Let's also prepare a whisk.

Melt butter ...

I will pour the seeds into the pan.

When the hole comes up ... ....

It turns over.

Let's add syrup plenty.

It is completed.

In addition, at the Grand Budapest hotelWes AndersonHow about making a smear? There was also a movie called.

What if Wes Anderson made S'mores? - YouTube

Sorry to make this time.

With Graham cracker ......



I will prepare a fire.

First of all Graham crackers are halved.

Put the chocolate tightly.

Take the time with a timer ......

I will have a marshmallow for 2 seconds.

It seems that this is sticky.

"Do not burn marshmallows"

It seems I burned one side.

Place an overflowing marshmallow on the chocolate ... ...

Sando at Graham cracker.

I firmly press it with two people.

That's it.

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