A real world FPS movie "Ultimate Gun Game" with anything from a machine gun to a cane of Harry Potter, Lock Buster

To Superman GoPro,Skateboarding the world of Mario KartAnd, such as creating a creative movie while flying a little flyingCorridorDigitalBut this time I made a movie to play FPS in the real world. In the movie, up to the real firearms, games and weapons that appeared in the movies, it has become quite impressive.

Ultimate Gun Game - YouTube

The movie suddenly started from the battle scene. The weapon that is displayed with the blue background color at the bottom left of the screen is a player, and this player is using a machine gun.

The screen switched and the viewpoint of another player was displayed. This player also uses a machine gun, but the thumbnail in the lower left is red.

When a red player walks, he encounters an enemy and makes a strong blow on the machine gun.

Shoot the machine gun towards the enemy who was hiding behind the car as it was.

The blue player switches to a shotgun ... ...

Blow the enemies in the building with a blow. The motions of changing weapons and moving worms are like real games.

The red player is equipped with a special weapon that shoots like something like an energy bullet when shooting.

When an enemy hits an energy bullet, it collapses at the molecular level.

On the other hand, blue players have red flowers on their right hand, not weapons.

When using flowers, the familiar sound effect flows through "Super Mario Bros." and fireballs are shot repeatedly.

Now equipped with a lockbuster of weapons that appear in the "Rockman" series.

Defeat the enemy with Solar Brit. There is already anything.

Following fireflower, lockbuster appeared Harry Potter's cane.

Although we do not shout "Experi Arms!", I will release some magic.

While the blue player is fighting with a special weapon, the red player is wiping out multiple enemies with a minigun from the hill.

We deliver attacks beyond dimension with weapons that are exactly like those that appeared in the game "Portal" series.

Target the enemies on the roof of the building with the bow arrow of the pixel that seems to appear in "Mine Craft" ...

Hits greatly.

The blue player uses a weapon equipped with an electric rotating saw blade.

Although the enemy desperately defends ... .... Be careful as it includes grotesque production.

From here we change to a handheld weapon. This is a sword of pixels, looks similar to what appears in the "Legend of Zelda" series and "Minecraft".

Orthodox knife and ... ...

"Metal Gear Solid 3" appeared to the fork of the Big Boss purveyor.

Follow me and the next is a spoon.

An enemy to be knocked down by a spoon.

A red player equipped with Energy Sword appearing in Halo of the game, encountered a blue player equipped with a lightsaber. From here, a fierce last battle will be deployed, but you can check who the winner is or who is interested in winning from the movie.

In addition, the making movie of "Ultimate Gun Game" is released, you can see shooting methods, shooting equipment used, CG editing method etc from the following movies.

Making of Ultimate Gun Game - YouTube

In addition to the movies mentioned above, CorridorDigital also publishes video works that put the game in the real world. Below is a movie that reproduced "Grand Theft Auto V", the degree of reproduction is quite high.

Real GTA - YouTube

The movie that reproduced the game "Assassin's Creed 3" in the real world can be confirmed from the following.

Assassin's Creed 3: Rebel Blades - YouTube

In addition to parodies of games, we also have creative works depicting kitten and little human battle.

Kittens On The Beat - YouTube

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