Movie that reproduced movies such as Star Wars and Avengers in the game

Rockstar Games game "Grand · Theft Auto V(GTA V) "is an open world type action game, not only enjoying the main part of the game, but also introducing mods like game remodeling and expansion files, and installed from this workRockstar EditorAnd recording and editing play scenes using video editing software, etc., there are plenty of elements to enjoy other than the main part. There are many video works made with GTA V 's MOD, rock star editor, etc, but I tried collecting something of high quality with narrowing down the genre to movies from among them.

GTA V - Lightsabers - YouTube

The movie "GTA V - Lightsabers -" reproduced the battle of the Star Wars series Jedi released on December 18, 2015, the first episode of the new series "Star Wars / Force Awakens". UploadedBoris the BladeAccording to Adobe's creation of moviesAfter EffectsWe used that. With a red lightsaber ......

A Jedi with a blue lightsaber faces each other.

It is crazy Trevor Phillips who uses the red lightsaber.

Michael Desanta keeps a whisker like Obi-Wan Kenobi of a young day and uses a blue lightsaber.

Trevor started running ......

Michael will also start running.

The battle of intense lightsaber is devastating Jedi.

Trevor got his arms sharply ......

When you shake it down, the bee and the lightsaber will sound out and you will be hit.

Whether it is impossible for the lightsaber to settle, Trevor feeds the front kick to the treble.

Trevor fired from the middle finger striking Force Lightning that he could only use Sith's dark lord, for Michael blown off.

Michael defended Force Lightning with a lightsaber in the shortest hair.

It seems that a tremendous amount of force is being released from the middle finger of Trevor.

Trevor will throw a lightsaber into Michael this time when Force Lightning is over.

Michael also defended Trevor's attack with a lightsaber again.

Trevor is stunned as the lightsaber is gone.

There, the lightsaber thrown by Michael flew and caught my head sorely.

It seemed like the two showdowns ended with Michael's victory ... ...

I suddenly had a collision with a police car who heard a brawl.

[DOWNLOAD] GTA V - HULK script mod by JulioNIB - YouTube

The movie "Hulk" and "the avengers"Hulk that appears in GTA V was reproduced inJulioNIBMr. This movie is not a rock star editor or video editing software but Julio NIB himself madeMODIs introduced.

Hulk itself which appears in the movie itself with muscle sticking and taste.

Running with Dosudosudosu ......

We will show off oversized jumps.

Of course bragging strength is also alive, cars and ... ...

I will clean up passersby only by body.

Lift the car ... ....

It is also possible to throw it.

If I think I took the street ...

Hulk that wields it and destroys the city.

Jump up holding a utility pole ......

Sharply descended to swing in the air and swing down as it is.

Even the personality that forgets and destroys me seems to be properly reproduced.

GTA V PC - Ironman armor Mark III - YouTube

Next, following Hulk from Iron Man familiar with AvengersMOD of Mark III. Developer is JulioNIB mentioned above.

Although the reproducibility of the design is high, it is a little disappointing that the texture looks like plastic.

However, the power of Ironman is tremendous, it is possible to blow off the car with just the right upper.

You can also fly through the sky using jet boots.

Destroying power doubles if you lower the fist from the air.

If you fire repulsor rays from the palm of your hand, the patrol car is also a blow.

You can also use the uni beam that directly radiates energy from the chest reactor.

Unlike movies, MOD 's Iron Man destroys people and the city, not Bokoboko.

Jumped high in the sky ......

I will fly through the sky with jet boots.

It was Ironman who found the police helicopter in the sky and wielded his arm a lot.

Furious 7 Plane Drop Scene! || GTA 5 Online || PC - YouTube

It was shocking at the seventh work "Wild Speed ​​SKY MISSION" of the popular series, the user who is a GTAmissions user who reproduced a scene where a luxury car dives from the airplane to the sky. The characters in the movie are. I wear a raccoon mask which is the producer's icon.

The hatch of the airplane starts to open with making a noise with gogogogo.

Dominic, Brian, Letty, Tesur are supposed to board the luxury cars lined up in the airplane.

The plane is flying about 3700 meters above the ground.

Step on foot with a good gug ......

Dive started from hatch in turn.

Falling like a movie backwards ......

Coming in the air.

The angle seen from inside the car.

When you reflect the driver's seat from the front of the car you can see that it is in a terribly high place.

A luxury car falling down one after another.

A free fall continues in unlikely posture ......

A parachute opened at the altitude of about 1,500 meters.

I will fly fluffy and mountains.

And safely landing. It is said that the work of this powerful full scale as a movie was made with Sony Vegas Pro 12 of video editing software.

The video reproducing the appearance of the last scene in the series is also released and can be confirmed from the movie below.

Grand Theft Auto 5 - The Fast and the Furious Drag Scene - YouTube

A scene reproducing "Terminator 2", "Speed", "Jurassic Park", etc. appeared in the movie made by the rock star editor with the cooperation of the game specialized image production group called IGN of game related media 8-Bit Bastard To do.

GTA 5 Cinema: Recreating 5 Iconic Movie Scenes - IGN Original - YouTube

From Terminator 2, the name scene where T - 800 has caught the police at Cyberdyne is reproduced with GTA V. The image of the main part of the movie is displayed on the upper right, but angles etc are also reproduced brilliantly.

Gatling gun that T - 800 released destroyed the police car one after another.

Shoot the Gatling gun T-800.

The degree of reproduction of the face may not be high so much.

Then, from the movie 'Speed' it is a scene where an unattended bus plunges into an airplane and explodes.

The explosive bomb is set on the bus when the speed falls below 50 mph (about 80 km / h).

An uninhabited bus ran along the runway ......

Even the plane is great flames.

Next time, from the "Jurassic Park" which revived the dinosaurs to the splendid level, the helicopter approached the Isla Nubural Island with Jurassic Park, reproducing the scene where familiar BGM flows.

It is Isla Nubaral Island that is visible in front of the helicopter.

The reproduction scene of Jurassic Park is here, next is the place I would like to expect from the appearance of the dinosaur.

Although it does not go to full reproduction, a movie created by MOD movie "007" series that can enjoy the atmosphere of James Bond is also released.

Grand Theft Auto 5 - James Bond Edition - GTA 5 Short Film - YouTube

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