Open source font family that can be used for free "Interface"

An open-source font family that can be used free of importance on readability on a computer is "Interface"is. License isSIL Open Font License 1.1It is compliant, it has become simple and refreshing font which is perfect for using for interface design as its name.

Interface font family

InterfaceRoboto,San Francisco,Akkurat,Asap,Lucida GrandeFont families similar to fonts used for user interfaces such as. It is designed to be more readable even if the size is smaller than other fonts.

If Interface is displayed as "Regular", "Medium", "Bold" with different line thickness and italic type, it becomes as follows.

Especially small size makes it easier to read, the point that the readability is high is the point. The myriad of characters displayed on the screen of the computer will become easier to read if it is an Interface.

It is possible to change Interface font size on the following page, change character spacing, compare appearance with other fonts.

Interface font family

Also, the fontThis pageDownloadable from. To download the latest version version 1.1, click "". The file size is 8.75 MB.

Click "OK".

After downloading the ZIP fileExplzhExtract it using.

From the top in the folderHintingProcessed Interface in True Type Font (TTF) format, Interface in OpenType font (OTF) format, Interface in TTF format,Web Open Font FormatThere is a text file that describes the Interface of the form and the way to install fonts on Mac / Windows.

Try installing "Interface - Bold.ttf" in "Interface (hinted TTF)" folder. Double click on the font you want to install.

Then the following window will be displayed, so click on "Install", you will be able to use the font freely.

Although it is possible to install and use fonts one by one, by adding the following code to CSS, it is possible to display Interface font family even if it is not installed on the PC.

@import url('');

Since Interface is an open source font, it is also published on GitHub.

GitHub - rsms / interface: The Interface font family

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