Crisis of hair, a wonderful movie capturing the very moment that the thunder fell just 5 meters sideways and struck

An accident happened in Norway that thunders fall right beside the thunder lightning photographed. In a movie capturing the moment of lightning striking, the camera shakes with too much shock, and there is an explosion that requires attention to viewing.

Man films lightning that strikes 5 metres away, destroying his backyard - YouTube

The sky is about to rain soon.

The lightning flashed. The movie photographer apparently seems to be shooting thunder.

After a while……

Lightning striking a mountain nearby. It is clear from the small time lag between lightning and roar that the place where lightning fell is close.

Waiting for the next thunder ... ...

Strong flash and roar.

The camera is shaking up.

I can see what happened and the appearance of the panicking photographers.

When I turned the camera sideways, it seemed that the lightning struck just 5 meters from the shooting location.

Tentatively, I will evacuate indoors.

When the weather settled, heading to the place where the thunder fell, the rock was shattered.

A part of the gouged ground is scattered on the ceiling due to impact.

A charred stone.

Looking back to where we were shooting from the lightning strike point, it looks like this.

Fortunately, the thunder barely escaped, so the photographer seems to have had a lifetime in nine deaths.

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