Japanese free font for commercial use "Tokumi font"

NINTENDO 64's peripheral device "64DDWorking with "Land Net Disc"Japanese fonts which are made to feel like fonts used on browsers and mail software are"Bokura fonts"is.

Tokumi fountain font beta 08 - HatenaDiary id: Narr

Download is possible from the following site.

Bokura fonts

A font file is included in the "omake" folder in the ZIP file that can be downloaded by clicking on "LANDNET disk physical simulation CSS 2011-06-19 edition" in the above page, and "for non-profit purpose and for profit use There is also written various license agreement etc such as "It is possible."

Alphanumeric characters look like this

Hiragana and katakana

Various Chinese characters can also be used

When you actually use it in a sentence, it becomes this kind of atmosphere, you can see that it is fairly easy to use and readable font.

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