Vendors recommended the use of their spyware to check if your son is gay


It was revealed that spyware was provided to monitor the user's behavior quietly by installing it on the PC and to answer the question "Is my son of gosh gay" that parents worry about . The vendor who developed this spyware recommended criminal use of the company's software for gay detection on the site, but it is criticized.

French firm offered spyware to 'find out if your son is gay' - BBC News

The company that provided this spyware is a company called Fireworld in France, and by monitoring hack activity on PC including hacking a face account on Facebook, it is possible to inform the son's gay allegation on site Hints at the article of. Although it is said that the article was deleted by criticism, L'Amicale des jeunes du Refuge in gay group in Lyon said thatPublished on Twitterdoing.

For the content of this article, the vice minister in charge of equality of girlsMarlaine-ShiabaMrTweets"Homosexual aversion and gender discrimination are commonly born of prejudice against gender.We have to fight against this against power," commented.

In the article that it was already deleted, Fireworld says, "Family is the foundation of our family, the attitude of children's gender itself which directly affects the survival of the family itself is very important to you It is "It is" It wrote contents. Also, in the article, "Girls such as whether sons are more absorbed in reading and theater than soccer," "they are shy", "they are not opening piercing at specific positions of the body" There are several actions that show that they are actions, check their actions in ways such as "watching Facebook" "checking if you are not visiting gay related forums" "stealing personal messages" It was recommended that it was recommended. On the contrary, there is no mention of female homosexuality at all.

In response to an inquiry from L'Amicale des jeunes du Refuge, Fireworld says that the article was written for search engine optimization and was not supposed to be made public, "We have inconvenienced this article I apologize to myself from the bottom of my heart. "

However, Fireworld'sEnglish version siteAt the time of article creation, spyware sales for the purpose of "to manage children's PC", "to check employee's behavior", "to detect spousal and partner's infidelity", etc. is continuing .

In France it is illegal to introduce such spyware without your consent. Fireworld tells users to confirm that they do not conflict with local laws when using their software, but at the same time "to see if children are approaching the danger with the Internet or SNS It is becoming legal to install our software. "

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