The UK government launches a video campaign urging the abolition of encrypted messaging apps, claiming that 'protecting privacy with encryption will protect pedophiles'

The UK Government is running a negative campaign, No Place To Hide,

for end-to-end encryption (E2EE) in messaging apps. The purpose of this campaign is set to 'destroy social support for E2EE as part of a broader strategy to prevent child sexual abuse.'

No Place to Hide's No Place To Hide campaign flops on launch • The Register

No Place To Hide is a campaign run by Barnardo's , a child abuse prevention organization in the United Kingdom, and the Home Office of the United Kingdom, and the following videos have been released.

A man calling himself 'Alex' talks to you on the messaging app, 'I saw your profile,' 'I like your photo,' 'What are you doing today?' And 'Send me more photos.'

All of these interactions are encrypted by E2EE so that only you and the other party can read the content.

'Alex is a child lover. Child lovers use social media platforms to target their children.'

'It's true that social media companies can identify child lovers online and report to law enforcement agencies. However, some companies have introduced E2EE, making it difficult to report child lovers. increase'

'E2EE makes the message difficult to decipher, so the content is only known to the sender and receiver.'

'If E2EE is adopted, there could be about 14 million suspected cases of child sexual abuse online unreported annually.'

However, there are some counterarguments to No Place To Hide's claim that 'privacy protection with E2EE is for pedophiles.' The Tor Project, which develops the anonymous communication protocol

Tor , says, 'No Place To Hide suggests that strong online privacy and security are'bad'and is trying to mislead the general public. I criticized it.

Some of the opponents have purchased a domain 'noplace to' similar to the official website in order to prevent the development of No Place To Hide. When you visit this domain, you 'll find a blog post by Alec Muffet, known for Facebook Messenger E2EE and Tor research, 'There are more and better ways to help kids, without destroying the future of internet privacy.' There are many better ways to help children without destroying them) ”.

The Register, an IT news site, acknowledged the British government's claim that 'pedophiles are protected by E2EE,' and said that 'E2EE is even more effective.' No Place To Hide. Criticizes that he intentionally omits information. The Register points out that E2EE not only protects malicious individuals from hunting for personal information, but also protects the interactions with the tax office regarding tax payments.

The Register says, 'It's true that pedophiles are protected as an undesired by-product of E2EE, but an inadequate analogy is that thousands of people die each year in road accidents. No one insists that the road should be closed to prevent road deaths. '

In addition, The Register says, 'How do you teach your kids how to use social media?' 'Unknown,' rather than spending £ 500,000 to roll out No Place To Hide and reduce police work. He insisted that it would be better to use it for activities to educate the public, such as 'Who should I consult when an adult suddenly talks to me online?'

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