"Yea, well today, this is almost the case", McDonald's becomes "McDonald" and becomes a mysterious Kansai dialect

The nickname of McDonald's varies from region to region, and there are areas called "Mac" and some areas called "McDonald". In order to put an end to such long-standing controversy, a plan to decide McDonald's official "Is it Mac or McDonal?"Is it a Mac? Is it McDonald? Delicious confrontation!As a result, as a result, the McDonald's official suddenly turned into "McDonald" and is in a mystery that the official website and Twitter accounts will be covered with the Kansai dialect.

Message from McDonald | Company Information | McDonald's Japan

"Is it McDonald? McDonald? Delicious Showdown!" Is a plan that started from August 4, deciding on which number of popular products the two military divide into Mac troops and McDonal Army by tweets · Retweet number By doing so, we will settle the controversy that has been going on in Japan for so long as "Is it McDonald?" "Tokyo roast beef burger" that represented the Mac troops, "Osaka beef shirt burger" McDon army, in fact both products have also been reviewed at GIGAZINE.

I tried eating Mac troops · Tokyo roast beef burger and McDonal Army · Osaka beef shirt burger - GIGAZINE

As a result of this confrontation, superb McDonal Army victory.

At the same time, the official page of McDonald 's is eroded by the Kansai dialect. For example,Burger menu pageKansai dialects such as "Komachi place" and "Kaisei price" are interwoven and it is an illusion that "McDonte is such a frank feeling?"

Furthermore, one of McDonald's official website company information pages "Message from McDonald's"Has changed to" a message from McDonald ", and the content also changes considerably boldly.

The sentences on the page are as follows. However, regarding the Kansai dialect on the page, "such Kansai dialect nowadays Yaro Yaro"A person who wants to complainHas also appeared.

McDonald aims to provide the best meal experience to all customers who come to the shop at any time. Even if it is Yu, it will be easy. To that end, we need to provide our customers with the best services in the world. The expectation of our customers for McDonald's recently has increased. I beg you, I have you. It is not only a menu or service, but what kind of ingredients are procured somewhere, what kind of quality control goes through at the time of procurement, employees and crews to have safe and tasty food ingredients to be called to customers There are various things about how McDonald is doing education which he is unaware about, and how McDonald contributes to the community. Customers' expectations are extending to the point that what they are doing to keep them going on for a while. Activities that fulfill McDonal's business activities and social responsibilities are all interdependent because all these elements are recognition of McDonald's customers and the opportunity to visit them.
Even if I am young, it's all right. I think McDonald is responsible, yeah it is important that being a corporate citizen is important. That is the ultimate value of Uchira McDonald 's palm, it is necessary for us to keep McDonald.

Hood (product / quality control) & sourcing (raw material procurement):
For McDonald's doing foodservice, food safety and security are the most important responsibilities. In order to ensure quality in all processes from the farm to the hands of the customer, Uchira cooperate with the supplier in developing an excellent supply chain management system.

People (employees):
"McDonald People Business" is said to say, "People" is the foundation of Uchira's business. Always strive to create organizations that function as diverse teams, develop human resources and provide a workplace environment that promotes work-life balance.

Community (Social Contribution):
It is important to give back to local communities that give us various things. This is the reason why McDonald is committed to the local community, such as the establishment and promotion of programs to become society infrastructure and local residents.

Planet (environment):
Responding to the environment, everything I do on this earth Everyone is a troubled akan Is a social problem. In McDonald, we are continuously working on building and implementing store operations to minimize the impact of energy efficiency, waste reduction, and environmental impact by making use of the management system's location.

We are proud that McDonald has been in all these fields and are making efforts to further improve. In order to build trust and loyalty from our customers, we are continuing to fulfill our social responsibilities to sustain McDonald's business activities and aim for future growth, and to do social contribution activities, I think that it is the responsibility that everyone is supposed to do, just as yeah it is doing.

Okay, hoa this is about this time.

On the "Message from McDonalds" page there is a picture of Sarah L. Casanova, McDonald's President and CEO and President and CEO, but the words displayed together with that photo also change to Kansai dialect Because of that, we are experiencing abnormal circumstances that Casanova CEO will be seen as an aunt in Kansai.

In addition, there is a button to return the Kansai dialect to the standard language at the upper right of each page, so you can return to the regular version at any time.

Also, McDonald'sOfficial Twitter accountThe name of "McDonald" has also been changed, and the Kansai dialect is also flirting in tweets.

Although McDonal Army who won the brilliant victory, "Although I won a prize, it was a bad thing, but the Mac names are also loved as much as this, so please continue enjoying with your favorite way!" People who say "Mac names are abbreviations" will not mind and will be OK with Mac calls, as we have comments leaving comfort to show the kindness to the Mac troops.

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