How to buy McDonald's Big Mac from 150 yen today

If the price of 260 yen to 290 yen Big Mac takes a specific action from today, it will be available for purchase with a price cut to 150 yen, nearly half price. The way to do this is "to reduce CO 2 emissions by 1 kg per person per day" reported earlier, but what to do specifically is as follows: "Team minus 6%" site Go and answer "My Challenge Declaration", just print the completed PDF file and show it at the time of purchase. With this alone Big Mac can be purchased for 150 yen.

So, the procedure of the actual method is as follows.
"Eco of McDonald's is starting,"
Team minus 6% Sponsored campaign for "1 person, 1 day, 1 kg CO2 reduction" campaign
Implementation of notification to customers by tray mat

The implementation period is Friday, September 7th - September 30th (Sunday). It is from today.

First, access the following special site.

Aim for 1 kg reduction per person per day! ~ Let's stop warming team minus 6% ~

Enter your name and choose if you are a team member

Let's put a check mark on what you can do

When you click "Total weight loss calculation", it shows how much CO2 reduction can be done, so click on "Declaration!"

Let's click "Save" to display the PDF file

Then print this "Challenge Declaration Card" and bring it with you OK. Big Mac will be 150 yen.

Besides, special site that can be read with QR code of mobile phone etc is also written in McDonald's tray and it seems to be safe to present on mobile screen via it.

By the way, besides McDonald'sSponsorship companyThere are so many mountains, for exampleMos burgerOkay.Thousand vegetable burgerHas changed from 300 yen to 250 yen,Bic cameraThen you can purchase energy saving light bulb (compact fluorescent light bulb) by 10% discount.

In addition, McDonald's site of the Ministry of the Environment has become so popular since starting this campaignPeople are flooded and once fallenThat's right ... McDonald's influence is terrible.

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