"Infinite scales" that Christopher Nolan effectively uses in the movie "Dunkirk"

Film by Christopher Nolan, the subject of World War IIDunkirkWill be released on Saturday, September 9, 2017. When I look at the previewThe image that makes despair strongly felt, and the frighteningness of "sound"I realized that there are not a few parts due to "infinite scale (shepard · tone)" that Nolan has used effectively in works so far.

The sound illusion that makes Dunkirk so intense - YouTube

News site ·VoxIn fact, we are publishing images that show how infinite scales are actually used compared to the music of past works.

"Dunkirk" starts with the song "The Mole" written by Hans Jimmer. The sound of the watch named Tikutaku is used by Nolan owned watch.

In August 2016, things released as "announcement images" before the trailer had no dialogue, etc. "The Mole" was used as BGM.

"Dark Knight" directed by Christopher Nolan Director "Dunkirk" announcement video release - GIGAZINE

Hans Jimmer does similar installations in other works as well. For example,Interstellar"Mountain" song.

Then, "Sherlock Holmes"Tick Tock".

In "Dunkirk", the tick -tone sounds getting higher and higher, but in reality the sound does not go up indefinitely, music is taken over as it is to the orchestra.

"Impressive scale (Shepard Tone)" that gives an impression like "This sounds going up and it will not rise, it will go on forever forever". That point is the composition of the sound of three octaves.

The sound one octave above the reference (green) sounds strong at first, but it gradually becomes weaker and you can not hear it. The sound of the reference line (red) continues to sound much stronger, and the sound one octave lower (blue) gradually becomes stronger. As a result, it is always 2 sounds that are heard in the ears, and you get the impression that the sounds are going up. In the same way, "infinite scale" can be used even in the direction of lowering the sound.

As examples used in other works, "Infinity Stairway" of "Super Mario 64" ... ...

There is music such as "Pink Floyd" song "Echoes".

In Vox we compare infinite scales that seems to keep rising up to the highest level, although it never rises, to the signpole in front of the barber shop.

When infinite scales are used as movie music, it brings a sense of tension to the image. For example, "Dunkirque" from the beginning is also so ... ...

Coach Norandark Knight"We have incorporated an infinite musical scale into the SE of the bat pod.

In addition, director Nolan's 2006 work "PrestigeHowever, music using an infinite scale is used. Music of this movie is not Hans Jimmer, but David Julian is in charge.

In Noran's movie, "time" is often the theme, and the tension is transmitted by the infinite scale.

Mr. Christophe Haubursin of Vox at the end of the picture appreciates an interview by Jason Guerrasio of Business Insider. This is because Noran talks about the fact that he is conscious of the infinite scale in the interview.

The interview article is Kore.

Christopher Nolan talks about challenges of making 'Dunkirk' into an 'intimate epic' - Business Insider

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