Smart wall outlet "Swidget" which can replace various IoT modules

You can operate with smartphone or PC "Philips hueAlthough IoT devices such as "IoT devices make life convenient, they often require specialized applications and special equipment, which makes it difficult to manage. A smart wall outlet that plugs modules with functions of such various IoT devices into wall outlets and uses them "SwidgetKickstarter is seeking investment.

Swidget ™ for your Smart Home - Coming to Kickstarter July 2017

You can see how Swidget is a device by seeing the following movie.

This is Swidget. In Japan it is necessary to qualify as an electrician, but you can use it if you exchange it with an existing wall outlet using a screwdriver. A vacant hole in the middle is a socket of various modules.

Swidget's modules include "wireless power on / off control" "speaker" "USB port" "aromatherapy" "security camera" "motion sensor" "night light" "infrared control" "temperature and hygrometer"

Just plug in your favorite module in the middle of Swidget.

Swidget has two plug holes, the top is the power meter, the bottom is the power meter and the power management function.

For example, if you insert an infrared module, you can remotely control the lower plug hole with infrared light.

If you plug in a USB port module, you can charge mobile devices without a USB adapter.

Power type aroma pod may occupy the wall plug ... ...

With the aromatherapy module, just plug it into the hole in the middle, it will give you a refreshing and relaxing aroma.

If you install the speaker, you can also use the function of the voice assistant such as Alexa.

These modules can be centrally managed with a dedicated Wi-Fi hub.

Of course, it also supports operations from smartphones.

For example, when a woman attaches a dinner promise and he / she finds that he can prepare quickly ...

Toggle on "hair iron" from smartphone.

Then at home, the set hair iron started heating up. As soon as you return home you can start preparing your hair, which will shorten your time.

The motion sensor module can be used in conjunction with other IoT devices.

Smart doorbell and ......

Smart LED light

Smart fire alarm

Usability can be improved by linking with various devices such as robot vacuum cleaner.

For example, in conjunction with smart LED lights, when people pass through it is also a way to light up the way.

The Swidget module list is as follows.

Swidget is seeking investment with cloud funding site · Kickstarter aiming for commercialization. At the time of article creation, about 76,000 dollars (about 8.3 million yen) have already gathered over the target capital contribution of 40,000 dollars (about 4.3 million yen). If you invest in a plan of 38 dollars (about 4100 yen), you can get a set of "Wi-Fi module" that can operate remote power with "Swidget" for 500 people only. Swidget conforms to North American standards and the voltage is 120V. For other modules, after Kickstarter's campaign endsSwidget's websiteIt is planned to start selling at.

A $ 15 (about 1600 yen) separately is required for sending products to Japan, and the shipping time is scheduled for around June 2018. The deadline for investment is Japan time, 15:59 on September 1, 2017 (Friday).

Swidget ™ Outlet: The Smart Home Device for All Platforms by Swidget - Kickstarter

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