CIA's top secret physical attack strategy "Dumbo" to hijack webcams and destroy data and destroy evidence

WikeLeaks regularly publishes the confidential document "Vault 7" on secret operation of CIA. A secret operation newly opened "Dumbo"Has become a signature of a spy movie like" to insert the USB memory into the target PC and delete the Web camera data ".

WikiLeaks - Vault 7: Projects

This is How CIA Disables Security Cameras During Hollywood - Style Operations

For CIA's cyber attack, there is a technique to attack not only attack from the network but also physical contact. WikiLeaks revealed that the special department "Physical Access Group (PAG)" in the department directly under CIA "Center for Cyber ​​Intelligence (CCI)" specialized in physical attacks.

A newly disclosed secret operation "Dumbo" is a kind of physical attack that PAG performs, and executes a strategy by inserting a USB memory loaded with a hacking program into the target user's PC. Dumbo is attacked by a PC with a Windows OS. When a dedicated USB memory is installed, firstly the wired / wireless network that the terminal validates, the web camera, the microphone etc. are identified. In addition, the stored data of the monitoring network stream such as video · audio · related to the detected terminal function and the file being recorded are detected and it is possible to operate by CIA operator.

Operations enabled by the CCI agent include muting all microphones, disabling network adapters, stopping recording of surveillance cameras, and selective destruction of recorded data. The scene common in the movie "The timing worse the picture of the surveillance camera stops" is realizable by Dumbo. In addition, WikiLeaks clarifies that in the Dumbo attack, not only deletion of data but also forgery of evidence is possible.

According to WikiLeaks, Dumbo attacks are 32-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista or later Windows OS, 64-bit Windows XP and Windows ME and earlier OS are not supported.

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