Discovered that CIA was spying trying to break the security of Apple and Microsoft products

ByLoKan Sardari

I have frequently exposed spy work by NSAEdward SnowdenMr. CIA confidential documentsThe Intercept, And that document revealed that Apple and Microsoft had become CIA's research targets for a long time.

TCB Jamboree 2012 Invitation - The Intercept

ISpy: The CIA Campaign to Steal Apple's Secrets

Some of the confidential documents published by The Intercept, CIA's information security researchers gathered together "Jamboree"It was stated that a secret meeting called" Meeting "was held. Jamboree has been held annually for seven years even if it is described, and it seems that CIA researchers were set up as opportunities to announce individual achievements and exchange information.

According to The Intercept who got a confidential document, the main purpose of holding Jamboree is to investigate security measures carried by various types of electronic equipment used at home. Among the CIA researchers who announced the investigation activity at Jamboree, it is clear that there is an investigator who was investigating the security key to encrypt the data stored in Apple's device, There is a glimpse of the purpose of the CIA to stop supplying mobile security systems to users around the world through mobile terminals.

ByJohn Karakatsanis

Also, confidential documents include CIA investigators who attended Jamboree told Apple'sXcodeIt was stated that the developed version of Xcode was developed, it turned out that Xcode was subject to CIA's investigation. Xcode is a tool that Apple distributes to develop software, it is mainly used for developing applications for iOS, The Intercept is "CIA was developed using Xcode with modified Xcode There is a possibility to steal passwords or to intercept messages from the device installing the application. "

Furthermore, "Software for updating the update function of OS X to monitor and record the key input of the device at the time of updateKeyloggerThere were some researchers who announced at Jamboree. In addition, the data encryption function installed in Microsoft WindowsBitLockerThe records of the researchers who reported about the confidential documents remain, and I know that the CIA survey spanned Microsoft as well as Apple.

ByEsparta Palma

In addition, The Intercept is in contact with CIA and Apple regarding the case that we found this time, but it is said that we have not received a response as of writing the article.

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