WikiLeaks reveals how CIA knows how to locate your laptop

A document of WikiLeaks who revealed the terrible reality that CIA is engaged in intelligence activities using IT technology "Vault 7By the way, the hacking method is periodically exposed to the bottom of the white day. Newly revealed a method to hide the target laptop PC with malware and fully grasp the whereabouts.

WikiLeaks - Vault 7: Projects

According to WikiLeaks, the CIA used the unique malware called "ELSA" to track the location information of the target. ELSA is malware created for laptops equipped with Windows OS, CIA uses various methods to sneak ELSA on target PC.

ELSA will scan the Wi-Fi access point around the target PC, the strength of the signal with ESS-ID, MAC address, communication device. Scanned communication information is encrypted and accumulated in a form hidden within the terminal. For storing the communication information, it is OK with the target terminal validating the Wi-Fi function, and the terminal does not need to be connected to the Internet.

And when the target PC connects to the Wi - Fi network, ELSA will save the latitude / longitude data with timestamp against Microsoft and Google 's public geolocation database. Note that these encrypted location information will eventually be deleted from the target terminal and the traces that tracked the location information will be erased.

ELSA itself only gathers location information, and does not transfer data to the outside. Instead, the CIA hacker seems to recover the encrypted location information data using the back door prepared for the target terminal. And the collected data is carefully analyzed by CIA hackers, and you can fully grasp when and where the target was.

The information that the CIA hacked using technology like the world of the movie was updated on the Vault 7 special page of WikiLeaks below regularly.

WikiLeaks - Vault 7: Projects

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