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Canon is the world's lightest single lens reflex camera equipped with a 35 mm full-size sensor and a movable LCD monitorEOS 6D Mark IIWe announced. The successor model of was released in December 2012 "EOS 6D", has adopted a full-size CMOS sensor of approximately 26.2 million effective pixels, the still image commonly used ISO sensitivity from 100 to 40,000. On the back is equipped with a touch panel type Bali angle LCD monitor, it is also possible to shoot movies of 4 K time lapse or full HD 60 fps.

Incidentally, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

Clearly that salary was "beer" from salary details 5000 years ago - GIGAZINE

Movie summarizing various controllers that have colored the history of the game "A Brief History of Video Game Controllers" - GIGAZINE

The presence of large-scale DDoS attacks made full use of security cameras all over the world revealed - GIGAZINE

Enjoy drinks in beakers and flask type glasses and use everyday life as a laboratory Surreal dishware series "Periodic TableWare" I tried using - GIGAZINE

"Wild animal caricature production kit" that can easily create picture-like sculpture images simply by placing the motifs of birds and beasts - GIGAZINE

What is the way that "fan sub" (fansub) followed by subtitles Japanese animation? - GIGAZINE

I tried to experience a live using a completely original beautiful image at Shokugan "Hako Vision Hatsune Miku" that makes Hatsune Miku of the 3D hologram dance on the palm of your hand - GIGAZINE

We tried using four kinds of charging / communication cables "Metal USB flexible cable" that bend twist and become a stand - GIGAZINE

It turns out that it is a byproduct of evolution that men follow women with eyes - GIGAZINE

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A red apple vanishes? Put in yellow varieties ... Farmer's circumstances: Asahi Shimbun Digital

JAXA Plan proposal to send Japanese astronaut to the moon | NHK News

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Sony shares rose for the first time in about 8 years and 10 months, reporting that the company's production restarts | Reuters

Neutrality of the Self Defense Forces, Mr. Inada who defeated Criticism of Prime Minister Kei Kagai: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Even withdrawal illegal accomplishment, cabinet's responsibility problem" Professor Kimura Kota: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Tax revenue in FY 2004: slightly less than 1 trillion yen Avenomics marginal remarkable - Mainichi Newspaper

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The Japanese are blessed. Reason why Pacquin talks about "You can speak English without fail" |

When you take an airplane with a wheelchair | Isuimi Railway President blog

Wheelchair customers who crawled up the vanilla air crawl in 2017, possibility of being witnessed similar actions that went to ANA 15 years ago - Togetter Summary

When saying "I will try a movie at 1.4 times", a story that was donned to a girl so far as to die - a new graduate recruitment media executive officer's blog

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Everyday is enriched once we introduce a 3D printer to a family with children - where is it?

The poor tech is too dangerous - novtan's daily life

This is almost real loan with a pawnbroker. So the loan is regulated interest rate. In real pawnshop only real interest rate regulation is slightly loose (9% in monthly conversion), but in case of pawnbrokers we have to make it possible to pay off at any time, so it will be interest only for the period actually borrowed. However, this is fixed and 15%. If you do not return it until the 2 month deadline, if you return it immediately afterwards, 15% per day. Converting to annual interest ... By the way, because we have not got permission from the pawn shop business law, whatever it is.

A woman should shoot her lover erroneously on YouTube It should be a spectacle attracted attention - BBC News

Micro lending service and money related laws | Lawyer Kazuaki Yoshii (affiliated to the Fukuoka prefectural bar association)

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"Fireworks, Looking Downward? Watching from the side?" Special News 2 - YouTube

TV animation "Sakura Quest" second cool rush latest PV - YouTube

TV anime "Grand Crest Senki" PV | Started broadcasting from January 2018 - YouTube

TVCM No. 9 - YouTube

TYPE-MOON delivers, Fate's RPG
Subspecific singular point II
Traditional groundworld Agarta Agarta's woman delivered shortly.

Original TV animation "ID-0" 3rd PV - YouTube

Nintendo game "ARMS" which was actually "misunderstanding" in the past 28 years ago - withnews (with news)

The end of the Japanese game industry seen from the launch of Mini Super Nintendo · · - Ryosuke aims for billionaire in US stocks

Evaluate the world as well! "New method" of animation production | NHK NEWS WEB

The most famous French animation film festival in the world "Annecy International Animation Film Festival" which ended on the 18th of this month of Japan time. For the first time in 22 years at this film festival, Japanese director's award won the highest prize. It is Mr. Masaaki Yuasa's "Song of Ru says dawn". This work carefully depicts the movement of the boy's heart who met a mermaid girl. Actually, it is made with "no overtime work / weekend holidays", not only the contents, but also long-time labor is casting a stone into the production environment of natural animation. What is a new way of making animation, realizing "work way reform" while keeping the high quality of the work?

Even at GIGAZINE in April 2017 "Interview with Masaaki Yuasa, Director of Masaaki Yuasa, "Two Moments Go On A Short Tree, Otome" and "Two Songs of Dawn Telling Ru" are Continuously Opened - GIGAZINEAn interview article has been published as it is said that. Regarding how to make animation touching in NHK, in June 2017 "Interview with two CG animators who made flash animation of "Song of Dawn Telling Rou" - GIGAZINEPosted as having been said that, must-see.

"Hidden original fundamentalists neglected neglectfully" About 24 years ago TV animation "irresponsible Galaxy ☆ Tyler" About the original author · Tsubuyoshi Yoshioka Tsubuyaki - Togetter Summary

Game impressions / evaluation summary @ 2 ch: There are other phantom games like Star Fox 2?

Game review / evaluation summary @ 2 ch: Nintendo switch, domestic sales exceeding 1 million units Famitsu investigation

Game review / evaluation summary @ 2 ch: Splatoon 2, league battle implementation

2: Mr. Nanashi is desperate @: (^ o ^) / 2017/06/28 (Wed) 12: 53: 05.08 ID: MDxmpS / + 0.net
Producer Hisashi Nogami and programming director Shintaro Sato told Glixel about Splatoon 2 released on July 21. The interview was very insightful, but the biggest news from that was that a new mode called league game will appear in the game.

Speaking of the coolest sword design in the game? : Game lazy news

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What kind of life would have been unless it became a Japanese ...... Selections that changed the fate of the three main lords Alessandro - GourNavi's lunch

I wanted to see something like this! Jackie Chan's new work is "The partner who was licking was actually a murderer machine" alias "nametatorator" movie - Togetter Summary
The trailer is "Jackie Chen turns into a revenge demon and confronts Pierce Brosnan "The Foreigner" trailer released - GIGAZINE"Published in.

Tosu "Stadium without price" "Average 1 person 812 yen" payment! Ali to attract customers, 2nd preparation also.

Why is the Korean player 's advance to J - League now? Accelerating K League → Background of J League Transfer | Football Digest Web

【Kyoto Prefecture】 Kameoka stadium only for ball games Design content found out! Roof installation on all heads overhead!

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(PDF)7/5 Gifts from North, Haskur & Hokkaido Mellon's Sol Beige, Summer Limited! Cold pasta of tomato and summer vegetables newly appears!

"Real Gold Sharp Up" New release nationwide from July 10 (Monday): The Coca-Cola Company

"Calpis" and fermented food "Original fermented drink" CALPIS®+ Fermentation BLEND "Limited time sale from June 30th at 2 locations in Tokyo! | Asahi Beverages

Haagen-Dazs and fruits are in the middle of the theme real authentic resort feeling "Häagen-Dazs SUMMER RESORT" July 26 (Wednesday) - August 15 (Tue), limited time open before Gaien - Fresh fruit exhaustion "New sensation shaved ice" "Parfait" "Drink" appeared ~ | Haagen Dazs Japan

(PDF)Notice of sugar to the person concerned, Notice of release of "Salacia beef bowl" as it is tasty as it is "Salacia derived Salacinol" blended to elevate postprandial blood glucose level

"Tsukune" and "Momoko" can be enjoyed with one! "Charcoal-grilled yakitori (Tsukune & Momo)" baked slowly with charcoal fire released sequentially from 6/30 (Friday) | Press Release | MINISTOP

Press Release (June 29, 2017) | Starbucks Coffee Japan

"Meiji Essel Super Cup Cookie Vanilla" New Release | Meiji Co., Ltd.

"Preliminary notice" Classic bacon and eggs in the morning Special attention "Egg - fried bacon morning set meal" restored! | News | Rice bowl and Kyoto style udon noodles

Sukiya's "Spicy Chicken Curry with Coloring Vegetables" 7/5 (Wednesday) New Release from 9: 00 | Sukiya

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