IPhone 8 implements the function to automatically turn off the notification sound with the face recognition function when the user is looking at the screen

In "iPhone 8 (tentative name)" which is thought to be announced in autumn 2017,3D face authentication function is installedIt is rumored that prediction that abolishment of the conventional Touch ID and implementation of unlocking by face authentication is coming up. In the meantime, in the firmware provided by Apple, there is a function to prevent the notification sound from being emitted when the user is looking at the screen by utilizing this face authentication function It is getting.

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Guilherme Rambo, iOS application developer, noticed its existence. Apple released on July 28HomePodIn the firmware of the program that seems to be related to face authentication and notification offclassWe discover that it exists, and it is published on Twitter.

The two images shown by Rambo are as follows. A class name "TLAttentionAwarenessObserver" is written, and furthermore, a character string which can be read as "supportsAttenuatingTonesForAttentionDetected" as if "it supports attenuation (attenuation) of notification sound at the time of detection" is written.

If you are using the iPhone, there are "Pikon ♪" will appear a notification with a sound that, often the voice of music and video during playback becomes smaller when you are looking at, such as a Web page or YouTube. This feature is, that by leveraging the capabilities of face recognition unique that "now the user is staring at the screen" to recognize iPhone (or iOS) is, may become a thing called refrain from notification.

At the moment, it is an event of the stage that "A class like this is found in HomePod's firmware", and the actual situation is still in an unknown stage. However, by using the face recognition function, it is clear that there is a possibility that not only a hands-free lock release but also a possibility to provide a more convenient user experience is hidden. further,You can use face recognition function for Apple Pay payment authenticationIt is also reported that what kind of function will be realized in the new iPhone.

◆ bonus
Although there is no direct relation with the face recognition function, it is reported in iOS 11 that it is possible to pose at the time of video shooting and resume shooting. Until now, a new moving image file was created every time the shooting stopped, but if it becomes possible to pose during shooting it will be possible to release the movie to the SNS etc. with crisply omitting editing after shooting That's right.

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