A horror phenomenon that has countless holes with bleeding on the foot of a boy who rose from the sea, what is the cause?

AFP reported on the case that 16-year-old Sam who was in the sea for 30 minutes at Brighton Beach in Melbourne, Australia, suffered an injury accompanied by massive bleeding from the calves when going up from the sea. Although Sam is taken to the hospital, the doctors who examined were unable to identify the cause of bleeding, but the oceanographer has ascertained the cause and explained it.

Flesh-eating bugs at Brighton beach: What really ate Sam and why

Expert reveals exactly what ate Melbourne teenager's flesh | Daily Mail Online

According to AFP communication, Samu 16-year-old visited Brighton beach at night, entered the sea which had only the depth of the waist and stood still for 30 minutes. There was a lot of bleeding from around the lower calves of both feet as you climb up from the sea, "There were hundreds of small holes like pins stuck in the ankles or the insteps of the feet, like scarps" Doctors and others were unable to identify the cause of the injury, but some experts predicted "Is not it a tiny crustacean?" He seemed to have not noticed that he was bleeding from the sea as he was cold.

For the full scope of this news, you can read from the following. Since the photographs of bleeding feet are posted, please be careful when viewing poor people.

Through immersed in the sea, full of blood, countless holes of unknown cause on the foot Australia 3 pictures International news: AFPBB News

Although the incident just like a horror movie occurred, Melbourne's news media · The Age reported on this matter a follow-up report that investigated the cause. Sam's father seems to have scratched the place where Sam injured him with a fishing net that puts fresh piece of meat in order to find the cause. I asked Dr. Geneluf Walker Smith of marine scientist to investigate the caught organism there, and it was the one that bruised Kanizai to "Yoko shrimpIt turned out to be a kind of.

Yogo shrimp is a carnivorous crustacean with a body length of about 0.5 cm to 1 cm, mainly eating carcasses of fish that have sunk to the bottom of the ocean. You can see how captured shrimps are moving in the embedded movie in The Age's article.

Flesh-eating bugs at Brighton beach: What really ate Sam and why

It is thought that bleeding did not stop because Sarbus crispy shrimp was a kind having anticoagulant. Yoko shrimps have over thousands of species in the ocean all over the world and it is not an unusual creature.

Sam's case in this time said that Sam could have thought that he was injured in the feet originally and attracted Yoko shrimp or was standing in a place where fish's carcasses are accumulating. Furthermore, it was predicted that many different conditions accumulated, such as that Yoko shrimp has a tendency to become active at night to avoid predators, and that Sam kept standing in the sea without moving. ※ Clicking the image will disengage the mosaic.

A person who is bathing at Brighton Beach every day for 15 minutes has said that he has never suffered from injuries like Sam, and he said that usually there is a low risk that horseshoes harm human beings . Yoko shrimp lives in many seas but Dr. Walker Smith said, "This case is very rare and Sam was in the wrong place at the wrong time," Brighton Beach We do not think that measures such as prohibiting swimming are unnecessary. To prevent similar accidents, Dr. Walker Smith says, "Please be careful where you put your feet in the sea", such as whether the carcasses of the fish are nearby.

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