Octopus succeeded in completing a major desertion mission from the aquarium and returning to the sea

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The story that a creature captured by a human being escapes from life is "Finding Nemo"Or"Free WillieAlthough it may be drawn in a movie such as "The octopus raised at the aquarium of New Zealand will escape by itself and reach the sea" Showing a movie that is out of the movie is showing a topic.

Inky the octopus squeezes through drain pipe to escape National Aquarium | Stuff.co.nz

Octopus slips out of aquarium tank, crawls across floor, escapes down pipe to ocean - The Washington Post

Located in New ZealandNational AquariumIt was Mr. octopus ink maker who escaped from. According to the National Aquarium, one day a keeper discovered that Inki-kun was not seen and found that Inki had escaped from the remains of the sucker left in the aquarium.

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Following the trace of the sucker, Inki escaped from the slight gap of the upper lid of the aquarium closed by the keepers, and it was found that it escaped to the drainage groove through the floor as it was. The drainage ditch in which Inky ran away is directly connected to the ocean by sewers, and Inki is seen as reaching the sea through a sewer pipe.

The drainage ditch used for descent was as small as 15 cm in size, but the octopus was a mollusk, most of the body was muscular, the body stretched and passed through even a small gap It is known that a drainage groove of 15 cm in diameter is large enough to pass through. The following movie is not Inky's, but captured octopus contains images that will escape spectacularly from a small hole in the water drainage of the ship.

Octopus Houdini - YouTube

Inki was an octopus donated by a fisherman to the National Aquarium in 2014 and a place where it took a trap for Ise shrimp, and the name ink was attached by public offering. National aquariumDirector Rob Yarrel"The octopus is a person who likes to challenge the limits with intelligence being very high and curious and it is clear that it was possible to escape from the gap between the aquarium and the lid, as the inking was particularly intelligent and intelligent. "I will make use of this experience next time," he said.

Octopus escaped from the aquarium has been in the past and the oldest one among the cases that can be confirmed is that octopus disappeared from the aquarium tank in Brighton, England in 1875. Although it is not a desertion, the octopus raised at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium decomposed the valve of the recycling device attached to the top of the aquarium, causing the incident that the aquarium will be flooded. Octopus was high in intelligence, so it easily escaped if it is a simple aquarium, so we investigated the behavior when octopus escapes from aquarium(PDF)ReportIt has been published to.

In addition, the aquarium where Inki escaped is not planning to search Inky and he does not think about the new octopus breeding.

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