155 whales strangle to the beach and die

It is said that 155 as many whales stranded on the coast and lose their lives, there was a terrible event. It seems that a similar massive stranding of marine mammals seemed to have occurred even a little before this incident occurred, and it is unknown whether the recently frequently said environmental problem is related, but it is not relevant I think that.

Let's see what kind of work site it was.

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Mass stranding: 155 whales dead in Tasmania | COSMOS magazine

Fisherman rescues whales Tasmania News - The Mercury - The Voice of Tasmania

This whale was discovered in AustraliaTasmaniaA rocky place in the cape of Sunday in the town. It seems that a large number of whales stranded and the coast became a sea of ​​blood. The stranded whale isGondweedsIt is said to have been massive stranded in New Zealand in 2006. Although it was announced that the number of whales died at the time of discovery was 72, despite desperately rescue activities, it finally increased to 155 animals.

A state of the cape of Sunday where a whale stranded.

Gondwha whales stranded in New Zealand in 2006

One week before this massive stranding, as many as 53 marine mammals stranded on the sandy beach and died, it seems that more than 200 marine mammals stranded and lost their lives in a short period of time.

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