A surfer dies as his shark cuts off legs

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A painful accident happened when a man who was enjoying surfing in the morning sea died after being bitten by a white shark shark.

A surfer fellow found a male who lost consciousness, raised it to the beach, and treated the life-saving measures, but the death was confirmed at the hospital. The man's thighs were torn in half and there were only a few calf muscles left.

Details are as below.
Nicholas Edwards: Australian surfer in great white shark attack dies | Mail Online

Nicholas Edwards (31), a mining worker with a wife and two children, also enjoyed surfing early in the morning of 18th local time. About four people were surfing in the same way at a distance. Eddie Kilgallon (42), one of them, listened to local surfer Matt Manners shouting "Sharks! Sharks!" And started hastily to paddle the coast. At the same time Kligallon climbed to the beach, a group of seals also came up to the beach, but he first thought that it was a seal that he thought, "Oh, it is Sameda, I am also over."

Bob Alder, who lives locally, saw the waves from the balcony of the house near the cape, and found that a half surfboard was drifting without the rider. Alder, who thought of the worst, descended to the beach and found Edwards on the reef. Several people carried unconscious Edwards to the coast and took cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Nicholas Edwards.

A board that found Alder 's drifting. It has been cut into half.

Edwards's legs were torn apace by half and the muscles of the calves were in a state of little remaining. Mr. Kligallon used a jumper or surfboard rope to handle the hemostasis and handed it to the emergency room arriving 20 minutes later, but Edwards was confirmed dead at the hospital.

"Boys desperately desperately doing things that they can do as much as possible, such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation and voice calls etc. I noticed that he is engaged in a wedding ring and his wife is saying that he wants to see him again He called out, and his pale face that was pure white went back a little, so I thought he had a good prospect, "Kligallon said.

One of my colleagues who rescued listening to Edwards' death seems to have broken down. Alder says, "It was as if he had lost his brother, he was a very nice person," Edwards said, "I am a surfer, I do not know when this happens to anyone," he recalled the accident It was.

On the west coast of Australia, the white shark is a common existence and it is also commonly known that surfing early in the morning is dangerous. The dead from the white shark on the west coast since the accident of Brian Guest (51) who snorkeled with his son for crab capturing in December 2008.

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