Neurable announces development kit for VR headset "Vive" that can be operated just by thinking at the head

Develop a device that reads "human heart" by using a sensor that reads brain wavesNeurable, HTR made VR headset "ViveWe announced a development kit for. With this device, as if Luke Skywalker took the lightsaber with the movie "Star Wars" with the force, you can operate menus in the screen just by thinking with your head, It is likely to expand new possibilities to the way of contents such as games.

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Announcing the world's first brain-computer interface for virtual reality

Neurable announced is hardware that can attach brain wave sensor by exchanging with HTC Vive's head strap and SDK (software development kit) that can be used for game development.

The sensor is arranged to cover the entire head.

Electrodes are attached to each sensor, and these are contacted with the scalp to read a weak brain wave signal.

The appearance like this is like this. With this device Neurable says that Luke Skywalker will be able to use it as forcefully in the world of VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality), as if using Force.

Also, you can see the menu displayed on the screen or you can operate by just thinking with your head. In the case of a conventional headset, it was necessary to select a menu with a remote controller, a controller, etc. However, when a headset was attached, I could not find out where the controller was, eventually I searched for a headset Moreover, it is also inconvenient to fall into the situation such as wearing a headset again. Not only can we eliminate such inconvenience, we have the possibility to be able to operate content with intuition just by thinking literally.

Neurable is developing an algorithm to convert brain waves to manipulation using original machine learning platform. In addition, by providing SDK compatible with world famous game engine "Unity", we can introduce electroencephalogram controller in the game world. This device is in the closed beta stage at the time of article creation, so you can subscribe by accessing from the Neurable site.

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