The rare phenomenon that the sunset emits a beautiful green flash of light "Green flash"?


The sun seen from the earth changes to red or orange depending on the time, but because the light is refracted to the atmosphere of the earth, the sun actually has various colors such as purple, blue and green I'm waiting. As a phenomenon that is very rarely seen, the sunset shines green only for the moment at the endGreen flashThere is a phenomenon called "Popular Science" which explains this rare phenomenon.

Every sunset ends with a green flash. Why is it so hard to see? | Popular Science

The sun contains all colors of visible light, each with a different wavelength. Of red, green, and blue, which are the major colors of visible light, the shortest wavelength is blue and the longest wavelength is red. When sunlight strikes the earth, it becomes blue light and diffuses with particles in the air, so the sky becomes blue "sky blue". Furthermore, due to the influence of remaining light, yellowish sun shine is produced.

As sunshine at sunset is scattered from short wavelengths, long red wavelengths reach the surface of the earth, which is the cause of the familiar "red sunset". At the moment the sun is completely died, in rare cases, you may encounter "green flash" where you can see green light for about 1 second. This is a phenomenon that occurs when the air is clear, it reaches the surface of the earth without being scattered to green shorter in wavelength than red. The green flash itself has the possibility of occurring at every sunset, but in urban areas where the air is not clear, it changes to a different color before reaching the human eye as green light It is a very rare phenomenon.

The phenomenon of green flash is not seen as various natural phenomenon does not match, so it is said that it is said to be "a symbol of happiness" like a shooting star, and the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: World EndSo, the soul comes back as a signpost from the rest of the world. According to Popular Science, the biggest opportunity to see the green flash is "a beautiful coastal sunset".

In Japan, people who succeed in shooting Green Flash have released a movie that contained the moment on YouTube. In the following movies, a moment when a flash of light flashes is taken from around 1:45.

[Green flash] setting sun sink into the Sea of ​​Japan 2012.6.10 [full HD] Sunset, Green flash - YouTube

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