Developed into a major controversy on the Internet that it was discovered on the Internet that internal documents such as "women are not suitable for coding" were shared within Google

Google, which can be said to be the centerpiece of Silicon Valley where state-of-the-art technology is created, documents published by the senior engineers in the company's internal mailing list (in-house ML) opposed to the company's policy on diversity are controversial It is. What the person announced as "personal opinion" is that it should criticize our policy and aim to "diversity of thought" instead, but in that "women are facing coding There is a description that seems to be lacking in such a way that it should not be forcedly divided (since male-female ratio should not be divided by half), and since then it was diffused outside the company on Twitter, so the Google leaders were involved It is getting.

Google Employee's Anti-Diversity Manifesto Goes 'Internally Viral' - Motherboard

The beginning of the matter is a document entitled "Google's Ideological Echo Chamber (Google's Ideological Echo Chamber)" published on Google's internal ML on 3rd August 2017 local time. In this document that it extends to 10 pages, we criticize the gender equality policy targeted by Google as "leftward" and assign men and women not to necessarily at the same ratio based on the characteristic that women have "average" We insist that it is not necessary.

According to Twitter's posting, the person who created the document claims that the differences in the biological characteristics between men and women, based on the differences in biological characteristics of men and women, persist in the perspective of software engineering . He also insists that Google should not provide countermeasures against some limited racial and sexual minority groups.

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Although it is said that many people are refusing to provide information due to strict information leak prevention measures set for employees to Google, Gizmodo in the United States obtains the document and publishes the full text.

Exclusive: Here's The Full 10-Page Anti-Diversity Screed Circulating Internally at Google [Updated]

The document states that "I am evaluating diversity and its acceptance, not denying the existence of gender discrimination and not admitting to discuss with a stereotyped stereotype" from a passage It is starting and it is felt that it is trying to impress what is argued with a calm eye. In the first gathered summary, "Politic bias of Google hindered speech and it is unclear to conduct honest discussion about certain ideasEcho chamberWe are talking about what we are shaping. " The term "echo chamber" as used herein refers to a space where only a person having the same opinion gathers and in which the remarks are repeated to create a self-righteous atmosphere, and in particular, political left and right It is a term that is often used as a keyword when expressing the bias of.

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In summary, this person is speaking to the effect that men and women should not be hired under the same conditions as there are future differences, but what is worrisome is showing that ground It can be said part. In the part entitled "Personality differences", this person argues that women have the characteristics as listed below "on average".

· Women are more tolerant of feelings and aesthetic sensations than ideas. Also, females generally have a stronger interest in humans than on things compared with men. This can also be expressed as a contrast of words "emotion" and "systematic structure".
· These can explain that women tend to like social and artistic fields. Men prefer more coding (programming), because more systematic "systematicizing" is required. Even in the field of software engineering, women get in touch with other people and get a front-end job to deal with aesthetic sensations.

Although it seems as though it seems to be reasonably talking at first glance, it seems to be talking in a logical order, but since there is no scientific basis because both issues are subjective, there are various controversies against this document. Meanwhile, Daniel Brown, vice president responsible for Google's diversity and integration and governance, also sends memos for employees. Mr. Brown, who can also be said to be the topic of the topic, said in his remarks to employees, "It is clear that diversity and its acceptance are decisive in the success of Google. Creating a receptive environment in the meantime means to cultivate a culture that allows people to have a safe opinion among people with different perspectives and people who are in a different political position.However, The discussion needs to be in line with the code of conduct set by us. "

Google said that Motherboard who made the initial coverage of this matter did not respond to asking for comments.

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Giving a full text of the full text of e-mails from Google CEO to all employees on a fun with employees who made remarks "female contempt" Google - GIGAZINE

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