Movie conversion project of Capcom's popular action game "Rockman" is ongoing


In 2015, the movie conversion project of Capcom's popular game series "Rockman" is being advanced by 20th Century FoxIt was reported. At this point it is unknown whether the movie is a live-action picture or an animation,Monkey's planet: GenesisAct as a producer inPeter CharninIt was only that Mr. was in charge of a movie producer, but it became clear in July 2017 that this project is in progress, and that the director / screenwriter was decided.

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The project is being promoted by producer Charnin 's Charnin Entertainment,HEROESActor Masi Oka who appeared in Mr. Oka. Twentieth Century Fox has worked on this project for more than two years in order to acquire the rights of the movie. As a result, at the beginning of 2017, the rights-related contract was finally established and the project started full-fledged.

It is such a Rockman film making project, but as a director and screenplay "Catfish" and "Paranormal · Activity 3","Paranormal Activity 4And served as a directorHenry JuostWith Mr.Ariel SchulmanIt is said that we are in final negotiations with Mr. and Mr. Two.


The Rockman series is a work that appeared in 1987 from Japanese game maker Capcom, a robot "Rockman" created by scientist Dr. Light, rescued the evil genius scientist Dr. Wiley It fights with robots.

The Rockman series is a popular piece that sells over 30 million copies worldwide, and it is also popular content loved not only in Japan but around the world. Most recently, Rockman fans are not Mario makers "Rockman manufacturer (Mega Maker)"As collected to create to a lot of attention, boasts a deep-rooted popular current of 30 years from the work appeared has elapsed.

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