8 of the top 10 box office revenues will be dominated by Disney-related work in 2019

In 2019, '

Avengers / Endgame ' set a new world record for box office revenue, and in December, the ninth series in the series, ' Star Wars / Dawn of Skywalker, ' was released, and box office revenues were released in three days from release. With 1.57 billion yen and mobilization of 1.01 million, it was the top result as a 'movie released at a Japanese theater in 2019'. As these works show, '2019 was the year of Disney-related works,' wrote The Verge of overseas media.

Disney produced an unprecedented 80 percent of top box office hits this year-The Verge

Eight Disney-related films ranked in the top 10 in the US box office rankings in 2019 . The ranking at the time of article creation is as follows. In the box office rankings in Japan, Disney-related works are in the top 10 in the top 10, and Disney-related works are in the top 10 in the worldwide box office rankings .

1st place: Avengers / End Game: Box office revenue in the US $ 858,73,000 (approximately 94 billion yen) / Worldwide total box office revenue $ 2,797,864,564 (approximately 300 billion yen)
2nd place: The Lion King : US box office revenues of $ 53,364,083 (approximately ¥ 59 billion) / Worldwide cumulative box office revenues of $ 1,656,713,458 (approximately ¥ 180 billion)
3rd place: Toy Story 4 : box office revenues in the United States of $ 43,408,008 (approximately ¥ 47 billion), worldwide total box office revenues of $ 1,073,394,593 (approx. ¥ 117 billion)
4th place: Captain Marvell : US box office revenues of $ 42,692,839 dollars (approximately ¥ 47 billion) / cumulative worldwide box office revenues $ 1,128,274,794 (approximately ¥ 123 billion)
5th place: Spider-Man: Far From Home : Box office revenue in the United States: 390,352,085 dollars (approximately 43 billion yen) ・ Worldwide total box office revenue: 1,131,279,996 dollars (approximately 124 billion yen)
6th place: Ana and the Snow Queen 2 : box office revenues in the United States of $ 37,423,961 (approximately 41 billion yen), worldwide total box office revenues of $ 1,117,922 (approximately 121 billion yen)
7th place: Aladdin : box office revenues in the United States of $ 355,592,216 (approximately ¥ 39 billion) · Worldwide total box office revenues of $ 1,05,693,953 (approx. ¥ 115 billion)
8th place: Joker : US box office revenue 333,133,468 dollars (approximately 36 billion yen) ・ Worldwide cumulative box office revenue 1,062,954,660 dollars (approximately 116 billion yen)
9th place: IT / IT THE END If you can see it, it's over. : US box office revenues of $ 21,593,228 (approximately ¥ 23 billion), worldwide cumulative box office revenues of $ 472,932,228 (approximately ¥ 52 billion)
10th: Dawn of Star Wars / Skywalker: Box office revenue in the United States $ 177,833,864 (about 19 billion yen)

'Star Wars / Dawn of Skywalker' has just reached the top 10 in the US box office rankings in just three days as the box office revenue reached $ 177,833,864 in the three days from the first day of release It has become. In addition, the eight Disney-related titles in the Top 10 have been a huge hit outside of the United States, except for 'Star Wars / Dawn of Skywalker', whose worldwide box office revenue is unknown. 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' is a work co-produced by Marvel Studios, Disney and Sony Pictures.

Of these works, 'Avengers / Endgame' and 'Captain Marvel' are Marvel Studio works, and 'Toy Story 4' and 'Ana and the Snow Queen 2' are Pixar works. And 'Lion King' and 'Aladdin' are live-action versions of Disney's animated films that hit in the 1990s. Adding the box office revenue of “Star Wars / Dawn of Skywalker” means that these eight Disney-related works alone have earned more than $ 10 billion worldwide (about 1 trillion yen). You.

Regarding this great success, The Verge commented, 'This is the result of a strategy that Disney has taken over the past 10 years.These works are either belonging to the series created by Disney or are only new works to be created in the future.' . In fact, 'Anna and the Snow Queen 2' is a sequel to Disney's 'Anna and the Snow Queen' released in 2013, and has been a huge success in box office.

Disney acquired Pixar in 2006, Marvel Entertainment in 2009, and Lucasfilm in 2012. The combined acquisition of Marvell Entertainment and LucasFilm has spent more than $ 8 billion, but the results in 2019 make it clear how effective these investments were for Disney.

Marvel has earned more than $ 28 billion (approximately ¥ 3 trillion) on a box office basis, and the Lucasfilm Star Wars series is expected to be at the heart of Disney + , the future for Disney It has been. If Disney's acquisition of these studios was 'to continue to create world-renowned series titles,' 'the strategy has paid off,' The Verge said.

What are the successes and strategies of Disney's repeated acquisitions? -GIGAZINE

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The reason that Disney-related works did not almost monopolize the US box office rankings immediately after the start of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and until the appearance of the Star Wars trilogy `` 2011 to 2013 ''. It seems to be a period of around. However, Disney has returned again as the king of Hollywood films, with Marvel and Star Wars series. As Kevin Meyer, head of consumer products at Disney, says, `` The box office is an indicator of how popular and accepted a work is to the audience, '' Disney is certainly an audience It can be said that he is holding his heart.

However, Disney does not have rights to all major series titles, The Verge noted. Warner Bros. claims that Harry Potter, DC Extended Universe and Game of Thrones are available , while Universal Pictures has a series of works such as Wild Speed and Kaito Guru . However, The Verge says that the decisive difference between these and Disney is that most of the Disney-related works are successful.

In addition, ' Moulin ', ' Black Widow ', 'The Eternals', etc. are scheduled to appear as Disney related works in 2020. Because these titles don't have the same name value as Toy Story and The Lion King, we're worried about whether Disney could dominate the box office rankings in 2020.

Finally, Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has started, and 10 works scheduled to be released from 2020-GIGAZINE

And it's not just that Disney's movie productions matter. 2020 is an important year for Disney +, and the service has just started, and it is necessary to continuously increase the number of members. In addition, Disney has already created a boom called Baby Yoda with Disney + original title ' The Mandalorian ' released in 2019, and plans to release multiple original works in 2020.

In addition to these, it is rumored that a sequel to Avatar will be released in 2020.

The sequel `` the Avatar Sequels '' of the world's No. 1 box office movie `` Avatar '' started, simultaneous production of 4 films started-gigazine

In 2019, the MCU shifted to Phase 4 and the year after the Star Wars trilogy was completed, but in 2020, expectations for what kind of work will entertain users will only expand.

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