Oculus is super cheap 20,000 yen and releases wireless unnecessary wireless VR headset in 2018

Oculus did not need either smartphone nor high-end PC, and it turned out that we plan to launch a new VR headset that operates wireless & standalone within 2018.

Facebook Plans to Unveil a $ 200 Wireless Oculus VR Headset for 2018 - Bloomberg

In the current VR headset market,Gear VR"Mobile VR headset" that connects and uses a smartphone like "Oculus RiftLike expensive gaming PCs like,PS VRHigh-end VR headset "that requires PS 4 like the one shown in the figure.

The main body of the mobile VR headset is low priced at less than 20,000 yen, which is characterized by the ability to use anywhere smartphone is available, but the current situation is that graphics and processing power are not so high. Meanwhile, the high-end VR headset is a beautiful graphic with high processing capability, enabling a highly immersive VR experience, but the price of the headset itself will be around 50,000 yen, and the high spec that will cost more than 100,000 yen It is necessary to prepare a gaming PC. Also, because it connects to PC and PS4 via wires, the difficulty remains "Can not play only in fixed places" "Cable interferes with play experience".

Facebook Mark and Zuckerburg explained that at the developer's conference in 2016 "There is a" sweet spot "between Gear VR and Rift," and the mobile VR headset and the high-end VR headset I suggested that the "wireless VR headset" located in the middle could sweep the VR market. According to the person who is familiar with the development plan of this wireless VR headset, Oculus plans to ship a new low price wireless priced VR headset "Pacific (development code name)" of 200 dollars (about 23,000 yen) within 2018 And that.

Pacific is smaller than Oculus Rift, it is lighter than Gear VR, and it can operate with interface similar to Gear VR with wireless remote control. Also equipped with Qualcomm's Snapdragon series mobile chip, it is expected to be able to realize powerful graphics stand alone. It is expected to become a device that fulfills the purpose of Oculus' aiming to popularize VR as Apple spread the smartphone to the world.

Regarding this new VR headset, Oculus spokesperson Alan Cooper says, "There are no products that can be announced at the moment but we are doing some important technology investments in the category of" standalone VR " It is a fact that it is a fact. "

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