A creative project "The Third Thumb Project" that adds "Third Thumb" next to little finger

There are five fingers from the thumb to the little finger on both hands of a person can do a single movement, but further to add "third thumb" next to little finger to enhance the function said If the project is "The Third Thumb Project"is.

Controllable Third Thumb lets wearers extend their natural abilities

Learn this project at the Royal College of Art in LondonDani ClaudeSomething that is controlled by sensors and motors, "thumbs" output by 3D printers. You can see the actual motion in the following movie.

The Third Thumb Project on Vimeo

"Third thumb" attached next to the little finger of the right hand. It was created as an attempt to expand the human body.

Operation is done with pressure sensor installed in shoes. The sensor and the hand device are connected by Bluetooth.

When I actually wearing my fingers, everyone has a surprisingly smile uniformly.

With the added thumb, the benefits of being able to swipe the screen while holding the tablet with one hand.

This woman tried scratching the temple.

It is possible to grab a pliers.

Manipulating cards with the third thumb ... ...

If it is normal it is possible to add one more wine glass with about one limit with about one limit with one hand.

"Vine" with sunglasses "vine" with your thumb.

It squeezes lemon ......

Have a raw egg.

It is possible to delicate motion which stacks blocks.

And playing the guitar. As expected, it seems that it can not move as much as it holds the fingerboard with the third thumb, but it may be able to suppress codes that are currently impossible by further improving performance.

On Claude's site, a number of other interesting works are also available.

Dani Clode Design

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