That "Death Note" is made into live-action images overseas, the official trailer looks like this

Using the note "Death Note" with the terrible power of "The person whose name was written in this note" dropped by the death god, we will add sanctions of death one after another to criminals who are full of savior · Kira, a detective that tries to stop it, L, and a comic depicting the battle of humans and death gods over Death Note is "DEATH NOTE"is. Manga has exceeded 30 million copies worldwide and has been developing various media mixes such as movies, dramas, and theater, but at last it will be a live-action video by the hands of overseas studios, and that official trailer It is open to the public.

Death Note | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix - YouTube

The hero who gazes at something with a face like crushing insults.

A young man was cutlet in front of me.

Defective came to the main character ... ...

I will be knocked down.

One note falls down under the hero who could not do anything before violence.

The notation says "DEATH NOTE" ... ...

Inside there is written as rule 1, "The person whose name was written in this note will die."

It suddenly appears in the main character with Death Note in hand ......

Ryuk of the shinigami.

I discovered the appearance of Ryuk in some material.

The hero who conflicts before Death Note.

And the incident occurred. A criminal makes horror of an innocent person.

Do not look at it, write your name on the note ... ...

The haste killed the criminal.

From there he writes the names of criminals all over the world, plus sanctions of death to evil.

Eventually, the hero will be called the human savior 'KIRA (Kira)'.

A mountain of dead bodies that Kira has built up.

Two men looking at this tragedy quietly.

A man who hid this mouth is trying to uncover the identity of Kira. Atmosphere quite different from the original.

The building was blown up ... ....

Boned with a stun gun

Many flashy scenes appeared, such as people shooting at full speed inside the building.

Kira and L face each other. Even in overseas version Death Note L seems to sit like L.

Ryuk and Ferris wheel

Suddenly the Ferris wheel was blown up ... ...

The hero and the girl are about to fall.

And Dong Bong.

"August 25"

"Justice will come"

As soon as the note "He will die" ......

Three people committing suicide from the roof of a building

Kira who can get confused by crowd with a cheap face


The overseas version Death Note will be released on Netflix from August 25, 2017.

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