The number of viewers on YouTube exceed 1.5 billion monthly

Various YouTube updates were reported on YouTube's official blog and it turned out that YouTube's monthly login users exceeded 1.5 billion people.

Official YouTube Blog: Updates from VidCon: more users, more products, more shows and much more

YouTube claims 1.5 billion monthly users

YouTube boasts the number of logged-in users of 1.5 billion people a month, which is one in five people in the world population, and users of mobile terminals have average viewing time of 1 hour a day on average. YouTube is no longer able to compete with other video services.

Along with the increase in users, YouTube will change the way video is displayed on both the desktop and mobile versions to provide a better viewing environment. This means that to display the video as it is the ratio of the photographing terminal, "4: 3", "16: 9" other, as "vertical direction" video of "landscape" is directly displayed during playback and editing Become. Among taken with smartphone "vertical moving image" is increasing, so far in because it did not correspond only to the sideways moving YouTube, especially at happy portrait video is easy to see in the mobile terminal.

The mobile YouTube app after change looks like the following. When displaying in portrait orientation, you can scroll another movie list while thumbnailing the movie on the upper side, but you can see that the ratio of the displayed movies is getting bigger.

That's videos that have been taken in portrait orientation, and about two-thirds of the screen is being played as a movie ......

When you press the full screen button, you can see that the screen spreads all the way in the same way as smartphone display, making it much easier to see.

In addition, the paid service "YouTube Red" seems to have acquired 37 original series so far, and has won a total viewing frequency of approximately 250 million times. Twelve new series will be made public in 2017, and you can watch the trailer's omnibus movie from below.

NEW YouTube Red Originals Coming in 2017 - YouTube

Furthermore, the sharing method of the video was improved, and it became possible to share the video to more than one person at a time. As for the new sharing method, you can see well seeing the following movie.

A new way to share on YouTube - YouTube

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