GPU manufacturer abandoned by Apple "Imagination Technologies" finally sells

ByHamza Butt

Apple's iPhone, iPad, and iPod have a GPU of Imagination Technologies (Imagination Technologies), but Apple announced in April 2017 "End license agreement with Imagination Technologies within 2 years and develop original GPU"We announced. Apple's development of its own GPU may conflict with Imagination Technologies GPU patents that I used for many years and both companies are in talks but the imagination technologies that have lost their biggest customers We announced that we will put out the whole group for sale.

Commencement of formal sale process for whole Group - Imagination Technologies

Imagination Technologies put up for sale amid Apple dispute - BBC News

Imagination Technologies relied on a license agreement with Apple for over half of revenue. With Apple announcing the end of the contract, the share price of Imagination Technologies fell by up to 72%, and it got literally a big blow. About developing Apple's proprietary GPU, Imagination Technologies said "It is extremely challenging to create a GPU architecture from scratch without violating our intellectual property rights," said Legal Consultation with Apple continued, including measures.

In May 2017 Imagination Technologies announced that discussions on licensing agreements with Apple are in process for resolutionAnnouncementAlthough it was doing, the company announces that it will put out the entire group for sale. According to the announcement, Imagination Technologies was already under negotiation with several companies because it had been consulted by several companies to sell. By the way, it seems that discussion with Apple is ongoing.

In addition, as a result of this announcement, the company's stock price rose by about 15% on early trading, but it still remained about 50% lower than before Apple's announcement.

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