"Sega Forever" with a long-awaited retrogage of Sega coming to iOS · Android for free

Applications for iOS · Android packed with game software that Sega released in the past "Sega ForeverIt is clear that it will be released soon.

Sega Home Page | Sega Forever

Preview video is also released.

SEGA Forever launch trailer (English) - YouTube

Voice of "Sager" with the logo.

Sega's game machine and game software packed tightly in the box

A man is breathing a breath on a cartridge

I do not know what I am going to do

Set smartphone on platform

Operate huge lever

Then, the game of the last box shines faintly.

Perform output adjustment or something ......

I began to suck energy-like things from the game.

Apparently it seems to be successful.

Sonic will run through the space where Sega's game hardware came.

'Sega Forever' has ranking function

It also seems to support operation with the controller.

A place where you can play your favorite game free of charge on mobile terminals is big uri.

A man raising the voice of delight

"Sega Forever" will be released for iOS · Android. Games are supposed to be added every month.

By the way, the preview video of 'Sega Forever'Portuguese·German·Spanish·FrenchAlthough five are prepared, Japanese is not prepared at the time of article posting.

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