Amazon will discount Prime membership fee by 45% for low-income groups

I found that Amazon Prime membership, which Amazon offers for $ 10.99 per month (about 1200 yen), will be discounted for low-income people living with government subsidies. Since the discount width is almost 45%, the monthly amount is 5.99 dollars (about 650 yen), and the major supermarket chain · Walmart hasFood stampIt seems that it is trying to adopt the recipient of the beneficiaries.

Amazon is going after Walmart with a 45 percent discount on Prime for lower-income shoppers - Recode

In the United States, as a food aid measure for low-income people, "Food stampA voucher is offered that can only buy groceries called so. It seems that the food stamp in recent years is not a banknote but a debit card "Electronic Benefit Transfer Card (EBT card)". It is said that the number of food stamp recipients in 2016 is about 44.2 million people, and a monthly amount of 125.51 dollars (about 14,000 yen) is paid per person.

In Wal - Mart, it is possible to shop for food items using food stamps, and it seems that many food stamp recipients are using Wal - Mart. Amazon also announced that it will be possible to use food stamps for paying foodstuffs from the summer of 2017 and furthermore the policy to lower the minimum amount at which regular delivery will be free to $ 25 (about 2700 yen) We are launching. In addition, for low-income groups, we will use food stamp by presenting "Amazon Prime" which gets benefits such as prime and video in addition to free shipping on 2 days, free shipping at about $ 5.99 per month for low-income groups. It seems that it is aiming at the influx of low-income people.

However, Amazon is fresh food service "AmazonFreshHowever, to use it you need to pay $ 14.99 per month (about 1600 yen) in addition to Amazon Prime membership. It is unknown whether Amazon will discount AmazonFresh for low-income groups. In addition, Wal-Mart bought Amazon's competitive e-commerce site "" at 3 billion dollars (about 330 billion yen) in 2016, and has tried to make a direct game against Amazon. Amazon seems to be taking measures against Wal-Mart by developing various discounts.

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