The safest messenger application "Signal" is officially licensed as a communication tool between US Senators

Encrypted message application "Signal"Selected based on the seven evaluation items set by the Electronic Frontier Foundation"The most secure messenger list"And earned the highest rating, many security experts have obtained the certificate of" one of the most secure messenger applications ". I am trying to strengthen security for a while in the Senate of the United States, but it seems that it has been officially accepted to use Signal as a tool to get in touch among the senators.

Ron Wyden letter on Signal encrypted messaging

In encryption push, Senate staff can now use Signal for secure messaging | ZDNet

In the US in the 2016 presidential campaignDemocratic National CommitteeofMore than 19,000 emails leaked to WikiLeaksBecause of the circumstances, hacking measures of government organizations were urgently called for. In the US Senate has begun to convert the official website as a whole to HTTPS more than a year ago, and just recently completed HTTPS compliance. Following this, Ron WeidenA guardTo the US Senator for notice that the use of the encrypted messenger application "Signal" is approved as a contact tool.

Outside of the Senate, New York Governor and his aides are enthusiastic Signal users and they are increasingly popular in the political world, but how much Senators have introduced Signal since March 2017 when the Senate was notified I do not know. ZDNet, which took up this issue, said, "Political organizations were made open sourceEnd to endThe movement of adopting the popular encrypted messenger application of "The most advanced" in the world will be evaluated ".

On the other hand,The assistance officials of the Trump regime are communicating with each other using SignalWall Street Journal reported, but since the Presidential Record Law, which records and keeps presidential documents including electronic materials as government's official documents, exists in the United States, "Presidential Advisor's Crypt The argument that the use of the application is not a violation of the law "is also occurring. By the way, the Presidential Records Act is not applicable to Senators.

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