I tried a new product for Haagen Dazs' early summer 'Yogurt tailored peach milk' & 'Hyuga summer pana cotta ~ with pie'

Haagen-Dazs issued two new products at the same time on May 23, 2017, "Minced Yogurt Tailored Peach Milk" and "Hyuga Natsu Pana Nicotta - Pie with ~", so I bought it and ate it and tried it It was.

"Mini Cup" Yogurt Tailored Peach Milk "May 23, 2017 | Haagen-Dazs Japan

"" Panasonic cotta in Hinata summer - with a pie "" May 23, 2017 | Haagen Dazs Japan

"Yogurt tailored Peach Milk" can be purchased at supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores all over the country, but "Hinata summer Panna cotta ~ with pie added" is limited to Lawson · Natural Lawson (some stores excluded) Sometimes you need to go to Lawson or Natural Lawson.

"Yogurt tailored peach milk" is a light pink color matching the peach, "Hinata summer panna cotta ~ with pie added" is a gradation from yellow green to yellow.

Raw materials for "yoghurt tailored peach milk". Cream, fermented milk (sterilization), peach sauce, defatted concentrated milk and the like are used.

One piece 110 ml and 239 kcal.

In addition to cream, defatted condensed milk, sunflower summer sauce and other "Hinata summer panna cotta ~ with pie", pie and condensed lemon juice are also used.

Here is one piece 102 ml with 249 kcal.

When opening the lid and turning over the film, "Yoghurt tailored Peach Milk" was a white ice like a thin vortex, "Hyuga summer pana cotta ~ with pie added" on ice There are plenty of sources and looks pretty different.

The peach sauce that the portion of the vortex pattern of "Yogurt tailored Peach Milk" uses white peach and yellow peach. Unlike vanilla ice, yoghurt tailored milk ice is the base, and this light acidity comes again between light sweetness. Overall, the pepper flavor spreads to the mouth and melts, soft taste.

"Hinata summer Pana cotta ~ with pie" must reach the ice without first passing through the Hyuga Natsu source. "Source" is a picture of the taste added to the taste of the material, but this Hyuga summer sauce comes out to the front with emphasis on acidity rather than thanks to the sweetness of Panna cotta, and it also receives a refreshing impression .

Each of the two unique products, each one is 272 yen including tax.

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