Will Xbox's "Beam" be renewed and become a competing horse of Twitch to the new game live commentary service "Mixer"?

Xbox's live streaming platform "Beam" changed its name to "Mixer" and has been reborn with various new functions added.

Introducing "Mixer" |

Mixer | Xbox

Xbox's new live streaming platform "Mixer" adds a variety of new features in addition to Beam's capabilities as well as user feedback. The difference from the existing live streaming platform such as Twitch is that there is no delay usually occurring from 10 seconds to 20 seconds and that the screen of the caller is completely streamed in real time. With this feature, interactive communication between the caller and the viewer, such as "leave the quest selection in the game to the viewer" becomes possible. In addition, Minecraft's development team is experimenting with Mixer as an official function that allows viewers to appear as zombies and change the weather.

The main new functions of Mixer are as follows.

· Crowd Play (group play)
The new function "Crowd Play" can be used in the title of Telltale · Games such as "Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series", "The Walking Dead: A New Frontier" and "BATMAN: The Telltale Series". Crowd Play can stream videos from millions of viewers to vote such as a branch of a story and viewers can cast votes on the stories they want the caller to proceed from a specialized mobile application such as a smartphone Possible.

◆ Easy activation from Xbox One and Windows 10 game bar
As Mixer's service is built into the game bar of Xbox One and Windows 10, there is no need to install software, anyone can easily start streaming the game with a few clicks.

◆ Co-Streaming (simultaneous streaming)
The "Co-Streaming" function that allows simultaneous streaming with up to 4 callers is now available. Four players can play the same game together, each can use a different instrument to play a remote live, allowing viewers to stream four callers at once without switching tabs on each of the four split screens It is possible to watch.

◆ iOS / Mobile application released for Android released
Beta version of Mixer application that can stream self-shot from in camera and participate in Crowd Play has appeared. It is planned to respond to the streaming of mobile games soon, so the live commentary such as Pokemon GO will be possible from the smartphone.

Mixer - Interactive Live Streaming on the App Store

Mixer - Interactive Streaming - Android application on Google Play

As Co-Streaming will be available at the same time as streaming of mobile games, it will also be possible to create streaming channels that are unprecedented without choosing between PC, Xbox, mobile devices and terminals.

◆ Channel One
Channel One is a content channel offering interesting live streaming, release of big titles, hints etc in Mixer. This channel is always on, and if you connect to Mixer and watch Channel One, you can immediately grasp what is going on inside Mixer.

◆ Mixer special page on the Xbox One dashboard
Xbox Insider ProgramA special page of Mixer will be provided for users only. On this page, unique streaming curated by special team and popular streaming will be posted.

◆ Mixer NYC Studio
"Mixer NYC Studio" which is equipped with state-of-the-art streaming facilities at the New York flagship store of the Microsoft store and is capable of performing large game events etc. was set up. The studio has a professional game station, a control room that supports 2D / 3D graphic effects, an arena class digital audio system, concert level acoustic equipment, fully interactive lighting control system, LED video wall, desk, player lounge , Stage, Audience seats and other facilities are in place.

You can also see how you actually use Mixer from the following movies.

Introducing "Mixer" - YouTube

In addition, live streaming commemorating Mixer release is scheduled to be carried out on the following schedule.

Mixer | Interactive Livestreaming

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