Mr. Masaaki Yuasa seems to be a work with a running feeling & full of dynamism "Dawn Telling Rou's Song" Special Picture

On May 19, 2017Masaaki YuasaDirector's latest work "Song of the roar telling the dawn"Will be made public. Speaking of Yuasa, it was released on April 7 "Take a short walk in the evening Maiden",Television Animation"Tatami halo mythologyAs it is also known such as "animation animation" unique movements will appear in the work animation. The word "running feeling" or "lively feeling" is perfect as an action scene, but "animation of dawn telling Ruu" also has a lot of animation full of a running feeling and dynamic feeling. We will deliver some of them as special images.

First of all, roughly swaying right and left.

"Song of Ru singing dawn" Special Anime 1: Lou rocking right and left - YouTube

Is the hair made of water, the fish are swimming.

When Rou moves his head to the left, his hair spreads like "Puyo Puyon", and inside it continues to swim like a fish seems to mind nothing.

Of course, when you shake your head to the other side, the hair that moves further as "Poyoyobo" with its recoil. The bangs (?) Which are falling between the eyebrows slightly shake up and down, right and left.

Next is Ru's dad who runs in a flustered state.

"Song of Ru singing dawn" Special Anime 2: Ru's Dad, Running (10 Loops) - YouTube

Daddy looks like a shark and usually walks on two legs, but here we also use the forefoot (pectoral fin) to walk quadruped. Just like when the dog is running fast, the forepaw pushes the body forward and the back leg is rising to the side of its forefoot.

A forelimd that extends further backwards, a hind feet pulled out in the same way as before. An orange flame flows from the hind leg.

And his hind legs landed.

Guntsu and stepping on the ground with its feet ......

Papa to stretch my body forward. Black smoke rises from my back, and the flame that once appeared to be small turned off again.

Open a large mouth that can hear the groaning voice and jump out forward. The moment when the bodily throat extends from the shrinking position, the speed seems to be on the most.

When the forefoot landings, immediately kick the back leg forward. Just like looping animation, do not forget to run Ru's dad when you are around and enjoy the animation of flames like that dancing and running.

At the end is Ru and Rou 's Dad.

"Dawn Telling Rou's Song" Special Anime 3: Lou & Ru's Dad's Great Action (5 Loops) - YouTube

While raising a splash with splashes, Ru is jumping.

Stretch your legs ......

Landing on the head of Dad. Dad is holding a big hand like ru.

Turn your hands wildly ......

It feels like swinging from the elbow to the front of the body. The momentum that the afterimage appears around the elbow of the right hand.

Can you see that your arms are stretching and power is on? Your dad 's abdomen is crackling.

When the arm gets out of the side of the face, the eyes of Daddy got frightening eyes from squatting eyes.

The arms are further extended, and the splashing drops from the part of the error.

Dad 's head came up and I saw the appearance of Rou with his arm sticking out in the same way as before. Dad is also breathing water from the nose.

The momentum of the power of the two people, as if the camera was blown away forward with the surrounding water.

In addition, both animations are dynamic and powerful images by the addition of the background etc etc as this main part. Because it is a heartful youth story depicting interaction between a mermaid and a boy, many momentous action scenes are also included, so please enjoy the animation and the sound at the theater, by all means with the now-released "Short walk on a night walking girl" please.

"Dawn Telling Ru no Uta" Preview - YouTube

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