I ate a lot of vegetables "Veggie cool and noodle" at Mister Donut, which is to be perceived as "Is vegetables sweet so much ...?"

As a new work by "Midori Donuts" offered every year, "vegetable soup" using vegetables for every noodle, soup and topping as a new work of "cool noodles" collaborated with a noodle shop "Soranoiro"Veggie cool and noodle"Appeared on April 26, 2017 (Wednesday). Put 2 types of cabbage, zucchini, paprika and young corn on a dirty flat noodle with paprika in it, put a slightly sweet carrot soup "Veggie cool and noodle"And eat paprika flat beef noodles with tomato soymilk soup with semi-dry tomato"Tomato soy milk Bezi cool-nosed noodlesI was able to eat two kinds of "I want to eat" what kind of taste it is actually.

Veggie cool ___ 0% | New item | Mister Donut

I came to Mister Donuts.

I ordered "Veggie Cool Breeze" (572 yen including tax) and "Tomato soy milk vegetable cool noodle" (464 yen including tax).

First of all I try to eat it from a vivid cold vegetable cool noodle.

On top of the noodles are 2 types of cabbage, zucchini, paprika and young corn.

A red "Yuzu pepper" was added to the side of the dish. By the way, red yuzu pepper can be added to any item at 21 yen.

When eating zucchini with grilled eyes, I feel amazing sweetness with a soft texture that is "kunyu".

Cabbage is also a texture that makes it similar, pickling sour ginseng soup is like a pickle.

Young corn also has a soft texture.

Two kinds of paprika, red and yellow. In either case, the taste of the material is strong enough to think that "Vegetable was so sweet ... ...?", It is a satisfactory performance if you like vegetables.

So when I ate flat pork noodles I kneaded paprika, sweetness of vegetables is also felt from noodles and soup, finished in an elegant taste.

It is a gentle taste soup, but where I wanted a little punch, try mixing red yuzu pepper into soup.

Red Yuzu pepper is quite painful when it is alone, but melting in soup adds the aroma of yuzu pepper and hot pepper, it turns into a spicy soup.

It is not too hard to melt red yuzu pepper in soup so it is ant to eat it while dusting it a bit.

Continue to "Tomato Soy Milk Veggie Cool Breeze" with Tsukemen noodles.

Semi-dry tomatoes are on top of the noodles.

Tomato soymilk soup has never seen a color.

First of all, if you eat only Paprika flattened noodles without attaching anything, there is slight sweetness in addition to the taste of wheat.

When attached to tomato soy milk soup, the fragrance of rich tomato spreads in the mouth, the tomato-like acidity and umami are overflowing. It feels like "sweet tomato juice made into a drool", but also the rich soybean milk is felt, it is finished in a tasty insanely taste.

The semi-dry tomato seems to be on the bruschetta and the like, the aroma of basil invites appetite.

Semi-dry tomato has good compatibility with tomato soy milk soup and it is a dish that you can fully enjoy tomatoes.

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