The sequel of "Kingsman: The Golden Circle", the sequel to the spy movie Kingsman who became a hot topic in the crispy action released the latest trailer

There are plenty of places of interest such as spy movies such as stylish action scenes, gimmick massive spy utensils, and costume designs that well represent smart British gentlemen.Kingsman"is. Although it is the same work published in 2015, it will eventually be a sequel "Kingsman: The Golden Circle(King's Man: The Golden Circle) "has been released, the newly appearing gorgeous actor team and that character that should have died is a must-see content.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle | Official Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX - YouTube

Luxury tailor in Savile Row in London

It is the one who plays the youth · Egyce who came thereTallon Egerton.

Taylor's name is "King's Man"

However, this tailor has a back face, it is also the base of the spy organization "Kings Man" which does not actually belong to any country. Here Eggy isColin FirthScouted as a spy candidate to Harry who plays.

And time flows ......

People gathering roundtable

There, there is the appearance of Roxy who became Kingsman's spy with Egyce in the previous work ... ...

And there are Egyce who seems to have grown into a fine spy.

The scene changes, a man standing tightly in the conference room of Kingsman.

Suddenly a display of "missile approaching" appears on the picture frame ......

The base will be blown up.

The scene changes again, Egy standing in front of the destroyed building

What I came there was Merlin, an instructor when former Egypt was a spy candidate

The new director will continue to the previous workMatthew VaughanThe director will serve.

The scene changes again, from the streets of the night ... ...

Transcend car action to start suddenly

Sexy beautiful suddenly appearing

Egypt winks with plenty of room.

Merlin and Eggy stand on the side of the huge Tal written "STATESMAN". This STATESMAN is a standing position spying organization such as American version King's man appearing in a new work.

What appeared there was a cowboy-style man with a skittled "STATESMAN" on the buckle part of the belt

Martin & Egyce and this cowboy style man will take action scenes.

In addition, intense battle scenes by Egyce and a man of a prosthesis

A man with a prosthetic hands pull out a rocket punch of ...

I suffer from Egypt. In the previous work, both legs were active prostheses killers · gazelle, but in this work the man who will make use of these various artificial hands will stand in front of Eggy?

Other cowboy style cowboy style (second person) men also appear.

Ropeway following snowy mountains

Pressing the switch written "Kingsman" ... ...

Cable of ropeway ... ...

To pinch of desperate situation.

Cast performersJulianne Moore

Tallon Egerton

Mark · Strong

Halle Berry

Channing · Tatum

Jeff Bridges

In addition, Pandoro Pascal, a dandy mustache, has also appeared as a spy belonging to STATESMAN.

Kingsman who explodes furiously.

At the end Harry that should have died in the previous work appeared ... ...

Egy and Merlin are "Omiger" and the tweeting movie ends.

"Kingsman: The Golden Circle" is published in the fall of 2017 in the US, but the timing of release in Japan is undecided.

Tallon Egerton as Egg role tweeted a poster image of "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" that was titled "From my old friend" a year ago and written that "The rumor that I died is extremely odd" It was rumored that Harry was actually living, but it was proved in this trailer.

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