Fans are developing 2D version "Zelda's Legend Breath of the Wild" that can be played free, and the demo movie sounds good

Nintenndo Switch's launch title has received record hits and high praise "The Legend of Zelda Breath of the WildHowever, at the development stage of the workMake a 2D version gameIt is a famous story that experimented various ideas. Either inspired by this protestype of Breath of the Wild, one of the fans has developed a new 2D version Breath of the Wild, showing actions as if it is head-to-back with logging trees and making winds with a fan .

Breath of the NES V2 Trailer (TOTAL GRAPHICAL REVAMP) - YouTube

Link that flew into 2D world

When entering a place like a cave ......

"Hailar has changed, so be careful!" You can put words from a mysterious old man. Although the world view is followed, the story is not exactly the same as the legendary Blessess of the Wild of Zelda.

And get the sword. In the legendary Zelda legend Breath of the Wild, weapons are durable so swords are expendable items, but in 2D version there is no element.

Leave for adventure at once. The 2D version of Breath of the Wild version 2 introduced in the movie introduces the points evolved from the initial version. Point 1 is a "more interactive environment".

For example, attacking trees ......

You can cut down trees and get the apple that was on the tree.

Point 2 is the point that the passage of time is expressed even though it is a 2D game, and "day and night" exists during the game.

Point 3 is "the number of weapons has increased". You can attack enemy characters with wind if you use 'Kogu no Owa' that appeared in the main house. It seems that the power is much better than the original one. Furthermore, the enemies on the field seemed to be guardians, they were Octaks.

You can easily switch between weapons and items.

Point 3 is the "evolved physical law". When the link pushed down the tree ......

The log rolling ...

Directly hit the enemy. It is the same as the main home that various battle methods can be created depending on the user's idea.

Furthermore, point 4 is "the appearance of a new item". Items that will not appear in Breath of the Wild also appear during the game.

Items like this grape ......

Effective to attract enemy characters, it is effective when you want to annihilate an enemy at a stretch.

The developer'sWinterDrakeHe plans to continue developing the game in the future, he said he is looking for a pixel artist and music composer for that.

WinterDrake's 2D version Breath of the Wild's official name is "Breath of the NES".

"Breath of the NES" is published on the following page as a PC game for Windows, and it can be downloaded for free.

Breath of the NES (DEMO) by winterdrake

To download for free, click "Download Now" at the top of the page.

We are seeking donations to developers, but if you click on the red frame ... ...

Downloadable for free. The latest version of the game at the time of article creation was version 1.3, so download it.

Double click on downloaded executable file.

If security warning is displayed, click "execute".

This will make "Breath of the NES" playable.

Game is only executable file, file size is 2.56 MB. Since start-up is stress-less at the explosion speed, it may be good to try playing, "Clear the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild" and say, "There are not enough zelda ingredients ...!

· Additional notes May 2, 2017 9: 55
Based on Breath of the NES infringing copyright, the development team found that Nintendo in the US received content removal notice. AlreadyBreath of the NES distribution pageIt seems that the download button is missing and stopped distribution from. In the future it is going to advance the development of the project without using Nintendo's copyrighted work.

Update: Nintendo Shuts Down 2D Zelda Fan Project - News -

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