Link · Enemy · Cave etc. All of the game has become a rectangle I tried playing the legend of Zelda full of mysteries

New work is regularly announced "The Legend of Zelda"Is one of Nintendo's leading game series alongside Super Mario Bros. Pocket Monsters Super Smash Bros. Smash Brothers. Game full of mysteries that all the "Legend of Zelda" for the disk system which is the first work of the legend of Zelda was expressed in a squareDemake Of Legend Of ZeldaSince it is made public, I actually tried playing.

Demake Of Legend Of Zelda

De-making zelda - BEN PURDY

You can check how you actually play Demake Of Legend Of Zelda from the movie below.

I tried playing the legend of Zelda full of rectangle - YouTube

The game starts from exactly the same place as the original Legend of Zelda. A yellow green square is a link operated by the player. To move, move with the arrow on the keyboard, attack with "A", bomb on "S". In addition, swords and bombs can only be used unless they are purchased in the game.

Since I do not have anything at the beginning of the game, I will go into the cave in front of me and get a sword.

Inside the cave is like this. The place where brown and green are lined diagonally before the link should be a sword ......

Touching the brown and green rectangle, it was added to the top of the screen. I got a sword ... It seems I did it. In the original Legend of Zelda, the dark brown box in front of the link is an old man, and it was supposed to receive a sword from this old man.

When "A" is pushed, a brown box appears for a moment, and it is confirmed that the sword is waving properly.

When you get the sword, go down to "Dungeon of Level 1" as you go down.

The red box on the screen is the enemy octarock, and if you hit it you will get damaged.

I will cut off Vishibashi and Octaklock with a brown sword.

Once damaged, but managed to annihilate the enemies on the screen somehow

In maps where there are many green boxes, attention is necessary because they are easy to mistake as yellow green links.

The enemies are all represented in red and you can taste different from ordinary games as you can not tell whether enemies on all sides are weak octarocks or even stronger enemies.

A red box also appears in the lake ......

I have shot something flashing red and yellow. There is no mistake in this solar that this enemy attacks with a beam from the waterside.

Because there is no distinction of enemies at all, I managed to get up to level 1 dungeon while throbbing.

When entering the dungeon, there is only a yellow box in the middle.

When you touch the yellow box, the life displayed in the upper right of the screen has recovered.

In the original Legend of Zelda, there is a door on the right side of the place where the link is located and you can move on to the next room, but there is no door in the Dungeon of Demake Of Legend Of Zelda.

Shake the sword ......

I tried many different places, but there was never a door to appear.

It seems impossible to proceed further level 1 dungeons, so we will restart the ground exploration.

The whole picture of Demake Of Legend Of Zelda looks something like this, the ground is reproducing the original map, but it seems that it is not yet built inside the dungeon.

According to BEN PURDY, the creator of the game, it took about 48 hours to produce Demake Of Legend Of Zelda, "I tried to reproduce everything on the map, but it is still a test stage so it's incomplete There is also a part ".

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