After ordering I have eaten "Beef tobi Udon noodle" excellent in compatibility of beef and grassy beef & warm balls baked to hot juice with Marugame noodles

Udon that is perfect for the early summer when the temperature has got higher at a stretch is a perfect food to put on stamina while it is easy. To such a udon noodlesA barbBaked freshly boiled beef that plunged in plenty, and toppings hot spring egg with outstanding compatibility with both beef and torpedo "Udon noodles with cow dumpling"Has appeared from Marugame noodles. I went to Marugame noodles at once to enjoy the exquisite collaboration of Kosi noodles and beef · tororo · hot spring eggs.

(PDF)"Cow Toro Udon noodle" will be on sale from 25th April!

Seasonal Limited Menu Beef Tuna Udon Udon | Sanuki Frying Udon Marukame noodle

That is why I arrived at Marugame noodles.

Pops of "Cow Temp Udon" released on April 25 (Tuesday), 2017 are stretched everywhere in the shop.

I ordered the order of cow tombouder udon, but in Marugame noodles it was unusual to hand me the card and the goods brought me to the table. Actually, when I was paying at the cash register after ordering, I was frying the beef in a frying pan immediately there.

That's why goods arrived in about three minutes. In the image photograph of the official website, the onions were topped, but what actually was offered was not topped.

So, toppings with onion that can be taken freely.

Beef baked with plenty of barbs buried about 70% of the bowl, and almost no udon or roe is visible.

Next to that hot spring egg.

And udon showing a glimpse of face from the gap.

Break the hot spring egg and it looks like this.

So I will eat it at once. Udon can choose warm and cold, but this time we choose cold. Because the sweet seasoned barbecue melts in the bukkake, the seasoning is dark. However, it is more sweet seasoned than ordinary buffalo udon, but compatibility with udon is also good.

Alive eating beef beyond imagination thought that sliced ​​beef. And the amount is also large.

In addition, breaking hot spring egg makes the sweet seasoning mild.

When you ate half as much as you eat, a rose appeared from under the beef. The taste of beef and vegetable was strong, and the amount was not so much, or the presence was so much.

In addition, cow mulberry udon is a seasonal menu, and the sale time is from April 25 (Tue) 2017 to the beginning of June. The price is 690 yen including tax, 790 yen including tax, tax included is 890 yen including tax.

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