FPG goggle "DJI Goggles" that can control the drones with head movements appeared

Have the ability to be used for aerial photographs from amateurs to professionals"Phantom" seriesYa"Mavic Pro" with high maneuverabilityFrom DJI selling drone such as drone, when you wear it on the head the scenery caught by the drone camera spreads out in front of you, and even the direction of the drone can be changed by the movement of the headFPVFor goggles "DJI Goggles"Was announced.

DJI Goggles

Goggles is a FPV goggle that can display images captured with MAVIC PRO in high image quality by incorporating two 5 inch panels with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 into the main body. A gyro sensor built into the main unit can read the movement of the head and control the yaw of the aircraft (rotation to the left and right) and the camera tilt in the range of -90 ° to + 30 °. This is the same as the operation of the control stick of the transmitter. To rotate the aircraft to the left or the right, just rotate the head to the left or the right OK.

Goggles does not divide one panel to display images of the left and right eyes, but by preparing dedicated panels for each, it is possible to display the landscape literally at 1920 × 1080 picture quality It is one of features. It is possible to receive and display the image captured by the camera of the aircraft with a delay of 110 milliseconds. There are three types of image quality that can be displayed, depending on the situation: 1080p30, 720p60, 720p30. Since the radio wave used for transmission is the 2.4 GHz band, it is safe because it will not catch up with the Japanese aviation law.

On the right side of the main unit is arranged a touch pad for controlling by movement of the fingertip. This is the same operation as the "5D button" on the transmitter of Mavic Pro, and access to the main intelligent function enables easy and intuitive operation of the internal menu system.

Buttons for moving to the focus mode and other functions on the bottom. While other drones' FVP goggles are only capable of "receiving and projecting images", Goggles is also able to give instructions to drones in flight from the goggle side.

What Goggles adopts isMavic ProLike OcuSync wireless transmission system. Up to 4 devices can be connected simultaneously. Using a wireless transmission system, you can connect up to four devices simultaneously to Mavic Pro. Since the antenna built into the headband can reliably cover the 360 ​​° range, even if the aircraft is flying behind himself, the connection is hard to break.

The movie that Goggles wore to the person who first experienced Drone has been released by DJI.

DJI - Goggles - See the World Take Flight - YouTube

This is Goggles.

A man who receives and takes a head. You can see that the rear part of the strap with built-in antenna is larger. The weight of the main body is 490 grams of goggles body and 500 grams of straps.

Wear Goggles and operate the transmitter of Mavic Pro ... ....

Drone departs. In addition, if you attach Goggles in Japan and skip drone, it will be "out-of-sight flight" and application to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport is required. It is OK to wear goggles other than the pilot and watch the FPV video.

"Holy Crap! Oh My God!" And a surprise like a word, a man who has not come.

An elderly man is "Ooo, wah ha ha!", And this is also a surprisingly perfect reaction.

"Vitality reality seems to be like a woman who feels flying".

An older man seems to be overwhelmed by the sight that literally spreads out in front of us, "It's amazing, from here you can see the entire valley and the houses that line far."

Trying this way ... ...

The orientation of the screen also changes. By following the movement of the head with immersive goggles on, the reality seems to rise further.

Operate the drone while wearing Goggles ... ...

It is also possible to enjoy games that pass through between obstacles.

Goggles can be worn with glasses on, and you can connect up to two Goggles and two Mavic Pro transmitters to one Mavic Pro. It is possible to operate for up to 6 hours with one charge.

DJI Goggles is an online store with a price tag of 57,800 yen, but the shipping time is yet to be decided at the time of article creation. There is also information from May to June, but when formal information comes out it will be appended.

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Shipment of DJI Goggles in JapanMay 20, 2017It was announced later.

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