Automatic driving car is learning driving skills in "Grand Theft Auto"


Research and development for moving cars and drone using only machines and programs such as drone delivery and automatic driving cars are actively conducted. Meanwhile, Bloomberg, an overseas media company, introduces the popularity game "Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5)" which is drawing attention with the development of automatic driving technology.

Do not Worry, Driverless Cars Are Learning From Grand Theft Auto - Bloomberg

Independent from Ford and Google's automatic driving car projectWaymo"We will put an automatic driving car into the market within the next 3 years", but the current situation is that there are still a lot of tasks. However, it is necessary to install various devices such as a laser sensor and a camera in an automatic driving car, and you can not run on a public road unless approval is given in the first place.

GTA 5 of the popular game which is attracting attention at the site of such automatic driving car development. Researchers and engineers use GTA 5 to simulate an automated driving car, which is one of valuable platforms for development. There is no worry that the simulation will run out of gasoline, and if it is an automatic driving car that Waymo is developing, it seems possible to run more than 3 million miles (about 4.8 million km) a day in the simulator.

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"It is not practical to rely solely on data gathered on public roads (if it is a simulator) it will be possible to test again on public roads after repeated tests over and over under the same conditions." "David Bucket, who is aiming to introduce an automated driving car by the year 2020 in San Jose, California, says.

Also, on high-quality games like GTA 5, it seems that artificial intelligence agents can generate data very close to the data that can be collected on the road. In GTA 5, 262 kinds of cars appeared, more than 1000 kinds of unpredictable pedestrians and animals appeared. In addition, we have 14 types of weather conditions, so it is possible to reproduce various situations because there is a road environment comparable to the real world such as traffic lights, tunnels, bridges, intersections. Although the expressway of Los Santos, which is a fictitious city in the game, will not substitute for the highway in the real world, it is "the most enriched as a virtual environment that can extract data", Princeton University automatically drives Alan Kornhauser tackling the development of the car also talks.

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Waymo simulates every possible situation using a simulator. According to the report of Waymo's automatic driving car development project, "If you run a simulator and ask for" better automatic operation ", the engineer will improve and modify the software and will do the test again with the simulator That thing. In other words, simulators play a very important role even in organizations that have worked on the development of automatic driving cars over the years like Waymo.

Gil Platte, CEO of the Toyota Research Institute in California, also announced in February 2017Energy and Commerce Committee"We have to be accepted as equivalent to the real world demonstration test ((Simulation with follow-up survey)" in the comment "We are preaching the importance of the simulator.

There is "GTA V + Universe" as a platform to actually operate the automatic driving car on the Grand Theft Auto V.

"GTA V + Universe" which can experience full automatic driving car operating with artificial intelligence with game 'GTA V' appeared - GIGAZINE

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