"GTA V + Universe" which can experience fully automatic driving car operating with artificial intelligence with the game "GTA V" appeared

Established by top executives and investors in America such as Space X and Mr. Earon Mask of Tesla Motors and Mr. Sam Altman of Y Combinator President "OpenAI"Is a nonprofit research institution that makes artificial intelligence open source. This AI learning platform operated by OpenAI "Universe"Projects that use games and browser tasks for AI measurement and machine learning are underway. Platform which develops fully automated driving car in which one of multiple projects proceeding with Universe operates by artificial intelligence "DeepDriveIn the game "Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V)" you can operate fully automatic driving car "GTA V + Universe"And released a movie that actually carries out full automatic running with GTA V.

GTA V + Universe

Fully automated driving cars in the real world have been developed by many companies including Google and Tesla Motors and started running tests on public roads. However, considering safety, traveling on public roads is limited to 25 mph at maximum speed (about 40 km), which means that it is a big wall for the development of fully automatic driving cars. Craig Quiter, a developer who took note of this problem, thought that it would be optimal as a simulation of a fully automated driving car without having to worry about safety and running test cost if it is a game, I took an eye out.

GTA V is an open world game released from Rockstar Games in September 2013. In the vast map that is five times larger than Los Angeles, environments closely resembling real world such as cities, suburbs, mountainous areas, coast etc. are built, and the non-player character (NPC) in the game also drives the car according to the traffic regulation In addition to walking in the town, there are concepts such as time and weather. Quiter told Artificial Intelligence on DeepDrive about the full automatic operation of GTA V Google's Deep Learning LibraryTensorFlowYaCaffeWe have learned machine learning and released agent of fully automatic driving car.

In order to use the agent of Universe GTA V, install GTA V and Universe's Python library and execute the following code.

Import gym
Import universe # register Universe environments into Gym
From universe.spaces import joystick_event

Env = gym.make ('gtav.SaneDriving-v 0')
Env.configure (remotes = 'vnc: // $ host: $ port') # point to the GTA V Universe server
Observation_n = env.reset ()

While True:
Steer = joystick_event.JoystickAxisXEvent (-1) # turn right
Throttle = joystick_event.JoystickAxisZEvent (-1) # go in reverse
# Alternative, use WASD to steer: ('KeyEvent', 'w', True)
Action_n = [[steer, throttle] for _ in observation_n]
Observation_n, reward_n, done_n, info = env.step (action_n)
Env.render ()

It is possible to check the situation of actually performing full automatic running with GTA V from the following movie.

DeepDrive Universe - YouTube

It is the leading silver car that is being fully automated. In the upper left of the screen, the frame being supplied to the agent is displayed, and in the lower left of the screen the results of diagnosis by agent and environment are displayed.

Running even without problems on a rainy day road drive.

When approaching the intersection where there is a signal, gradually slow down the speed ...

Stop in front of the car in front. I feel that the distance between the car in front is a bit short.

When the signal changes, it starts running after getting enough distance from the car that was stopped before. Although the fully automatic driving car runs without any problems in all environments, it is a place where GTA V is concerned about rare exceptionally safe driving.

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