Fully automated driving car of Baidu development succeeded in public road driving test in Beijing city

Automatic driving car under co-development with BMW by Baidu (Baidu), a leading search engine in China, succeeded in fully automated driving test of about 30 kilometers on the road in Beijing city. Following Google, Baidu also seems to be increasingly presence as a technology company in the competition of automatic driving car development.

Baidu Autonomous Car Reaches Milestone in Beijing

Baidu's Self-Driving Car Has Hit the Road | WIRED

Baidu announced the development of an automatic driving car in partnership with BMW in September 2014, and announced "to announce automatic driving car within 2015".

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As announced, Baidu announced on December 9, 2015 that the automated driving car under development in Beijing, China has succeeded in running in automatic driving mode on the public road where other vehicles are running. According to Baidu, the automatic driving car departing from Baidu · Automated Driving Car Development Division near the Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park in Beijing City enters the G7 highway, runs the 5th circular road, via the Olympic Park Baidu's I returned to the headquarters of development It was said that I completed a public road course of about 30 kilometers in length without accident.

Automatic driving car is based on BMW's 3 series sedan and utilizes Baidu's map data and artificial intelligence technology. In the public road running test, it is easy to adjust right and left turns, U turns, confluence from side roads to main lines, change lanes without difficulty, decelerate according to the brakes of vehicles traveling ahead, and so on Also successful. It is announced that the maximum speed has reached 100 kilometers per hour.

Development of an automatic driving car is a form in which software is incorporated in a conventional automobile and an automatic driving mode function is added,Mobile that is not premised on maneuvering that Google developsIt is thought that there are two approaches. However, Baidu said that it adopts the third method which is neither of these. According to Baidu, for example, if it is a running pattern like a bus circling the same course everyday, it is relatively easy to respond to environmental changes, so we developed a highly accurate 3D map at the centimeter level While constantly updating changes in road conditions, it is possible to realize safe automatic driving by automatically grasping where the automatic driving car runs based on that data. In addition to this 3D map data, it seems that it aims to realize a safe automatic driving car by combining technology that recognizes cars and pedestrians traveling around by artificial intelligence technology.

According to Baidu, we plan to 3D mapping most of China's road within 5 to 10 years. It seems that introduction of an automatic driving car will be promoted from urban areas already mapped.

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