Baidu aims to expand public road test of automatic driving car, to be marketed several years later

China's search engine giant Baidu (Baidu: Baidu) is about to start public road test of the self-driving car (self driving car) developed in-house in the United States. Baidu is aiming to make actual commercial vehicles appear in 2018 as well.

Baidu to Test Drive Autonomous Cars in the U.S. - WSJ

Baidu will test its self-driving car in the US | The Verge

According to Wall Street Journal, Baidu has a development base of 160 people in Sunnyvale, California, many of whom are engaged in the development of automatic driving cars. Mr. Ng served as Chief Scientist of the company said that this announcement is a meaningful step to overcome one step in the development competition of automatic driving car spreading all over the world, mainly in the United States. In addition, Baidu made a relationship with the US government and is promoting the scaffolding toward the start of public road running experiment.

Mr. Ng is involved in development at Baidu, and at the same time, groundbreaking research on AI (artificial intelligence) at Stanford University and person engaged in similar research at Google. Also, a start-up "online education service"CourseraHe is also one of the co-founder of Kozera.

Baidu is known for collaborating with automobile manufacturer BMW to develop automatic driving cars, and in December 2015 we have been successful in behavioral testing in Beijing.

Fully automated driving car of Baidu development succeeded in public road driving test in Beijing city - GIGAZINE

The vehicle used by Baidu is a vehicle based on BMW's 3 series, and it is said that automatic operation is realized by utilizing map data and artificial intelligence technology of Baidu. Furthermore, we are committed to develop future vehicles with Chinese automobile manufacturers. By the way, Baidu and BMW aimed for commercialization in 2015, but it has not come true.

What Baidu is aiming for is not a completely automated driving car that Google and others will develop, but development of a vehicle like a shuttle bus that always circles a certain route. Since it is regarded as aiming at raising the accuracy of the road surface and the environmental data by repeating the running along the travel pattern which is determined to a certain extent and realizing reliable driving, we aim to run on an unspecified number of roads Maybe you can feel realistic in realizing it earlier than Google. Google aims to put it into practical use around 2020, but I'm curious about which side or another side will be the first successful example.

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